Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photography for Western Motorsports

Looking for photographers for our events

Western Motorsports has always believed in giving a chance to new people either in sport or other things related to our events.Might be a good news for budding photographers as we are looking for somefor our future events mainly JK Tyre The Monsoon Ride - 2010 to be held in July 2010.

We need 10 photographers to cover this event and they'll be provided with accomodation,food,and comfortable travelling expenses to Jaipur and back.Transport throughout the event will be given by us only.

As photography is all about right timing and composition which is all we want , You need to send us your 10 best pictures having good composition and perfect timing as well.

You can mail in your pictures at

Please write your Name,E-mail ID and Contact number in mail and your name and contact number on each and every pic which you send to us.

Currently you need to send low resolution pics(preferably 800 x 600 px ) so thats easier for you to send.Please note that EXIF info should be preserved in the photographs i.e pictures must be original & copyright violations if any will be the applicants problem.

We will shortlist some people and will reply them via mail or call.

The deadline for sending in your mails is 15th March 2010.

Some Important Points :-
1.The pics which you'll be sending us won't be used anywhere.
2.The event's duration will be 3 days for which you'll be shooting and it will be on a weekend.
3.The kind of shots we are expecting can be seen at www.westernmotorsports.in
4.Information about copyrights and payments will be told to all the shortlisted candidates.