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RuffStuff 2015 Photos

RuffStuff 2015

RuffStuff competition organised by Western Motorsports for Delhi Royals from 18 December 2015. 
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

RuffStuff 2015

Ruff Stuff

Western Motorsports would be hosting RuffStuff,  a two day sand off-roading event for Delhi Royals, a Rotary Club from Delhi.
RuffStuff would be held on 18th & 19th December 2015. Delhi Royals would be experiencing a fun filled competitive off-roading in the sands of Rajasthan. Twenty, 4x4 SUV's from the famed stables of Land Cruiser, Range Rover, BMW etc are expected to participate in this fun filled competitive off-road trail blazer event.
Team from Western Motorsports have conducted extensive recce and have selected a best trail. This route is expected to give Delhi Royals participants an adrenaline fueled off-roading experience.
Delhi Royals
Rotary Club of Delhi Royals is an offshoot of world's largest club - Rotary International. Delhi Royals endeavor to serve the community by creating permanent platforms for sustained philanthropic activities. They are dedicated to spread knowledge, social awareness, build charitable and vocational institutions. Delhi Royals also provides top end networking platform for like minded elite entrepreneurs and conduct sustained community service activities.
RuffStuff Event Schedule
Day 1 - Twilight Trail
Day 2 - Mini off road trail TSD

Monday, October 19, 2015

4th Tour-de-Thar 2015 Announcement

Western Motorsports in association with Jeypore Bike Riders, today announced that the 4th Tour-de-Thar 2015 which is an annual event. 4th Tour-de-Thar will start from 25th December and end on 29th December 2015.
At Western Motorsports we can’t imagine life without motoring. Come winter, it is our special time of the calendar. Tour-de-Thar, as the name suggests would be held in the vast expanse of the Great Indian Desert – The Thar. If Western Motorsports had an eye in the sky we could show you riding as just a small speck in the big open desert. Since we don’t have such a thing with us, be with us at ground zero to experience this.
Motorists willing to participate in 4th Tour-de-Thar would be tested for their driving endurance, while enduring the mix of sun, winter chill, you being just the speck in the middle of vast open desert,  camping out in tents, enjoying the day’s end around the bonfire and sharing your stories of the day with fellow riders/drivers.
4th Tour-de-Thar would roll out from Jaipur on 25th December 2015. This expedition is open to both type of wheels – 2 & 4 covering around 1,500 km approximately. If you are ready to rough out, if you got it in you, and your wheels are fit for the ride get in touch with Western Motorsports.
Your interest of participation can be sent to asr@westernmotorsports.in
Links to previous Tour-de-Thar expeditions:

Friday, October 9, 2015

Life of Pie errrr Official

Donning the black embroidered Western Motorsports T-shirts, team WM officials took their places as the curtains raised for the 4th CanKids Rally 2015. Each official vehicle comprised of a team of 2-3 people, and had a designated photographer. I, along with Sameer were assigned with Sagar. Our team was called Team Jackal.
The other teams – Team B was lead by Bhuwan ji, Yogesh (aka Yo-Man) and Anchit(photographer); Team Papa was lead by Pritam and Bhuvan (photographer); Team DJ lead by Digvijay (aka DJ) and Uvraaj (photographer); finally Team A with our leader Anukraman, Yatin and Somya (photographer). Team Tiger had to drop out at the last minute due to a family emergency.
It’s a funny story how these names came up. It all started during the recce for Cankids. Anyway that may take forever, and my intent is to give you a glimpse of the back stage only. All officials are briefed about the day’s route and activities. The lead, assigned for the day, would place the teams at their designated TC (Time Check) point. The stage is still not live, but the radios go live as soon as the official vehicles start rolling – and then starts our bakar (non-stop non-sense-less gossip). Thanks to the radios, we all stay connected, both officially and “un-officially”!
No TC can leave/close their TC unless instructed by the lead. At the close of each TC, we were supposed to scan and send our TC control sheets. At day end, we must handover the hard copy of the control sheets to the results coordinator.
Day ends for the rally but not for the officials. Photographers download the images and send live feed on the WM website. Results coordinator ensures all data is entered correctly and declares the day’s result. Media coordinator feeds images and write-ups to the social media and other media houses. The team is then briefed about the next days plan.
And, finally we can eat and merry.
Next morning, team starts rolling again. Radio goes live with each team shouting our their team codes “Team Jackal rolling”, and so on.
We as officials don’t compete, but are in the race throughout. Reaching the TC before the rally begins and closing the TC only after the rally gets over. Our job is to ensure that the rally run smoothly as per the designated plan. It is undoubtedly an Adrenaline filling experience.
Why do we do this – because this is our passion! This is who we are – Team WM. It’s our Life of Pi.
Personally, this was my first official rally. But I have attended many rides with the WM team. I loved being a part of this, especially because it had a cause. It’s an amazing job the Cankids team is doing to spread cancer awareness in school and village children. Truly unique rally!

Unforgettable Moments of Camaraderie and Togetherness

Ashwin Khandke

We were an all male car 2. And men always get it right because they never know when they are getting it wrong. Car 2 also because it was always trying to chase down Car 1. Car 2’s top speed of 140 kmph appeared snail like in comparison with Car 1’s 170 kmph.
So, the two Misters Anurag Sharma and Ashwin Khandke, driver and navigator duo sped off from Gurgaon in the direction of a resurgent Rajasthan.
Glorious Day 1. What a machine Gini’s XUV 500. Western Motorsports did a good job of making the competition interesting. This rally demanded multi tasking. Being an all male team was a disadvantage.One had to look at clues and decipher dodgy vernacular translations, then piece the dubious clues together like some Homeland Security plot and then send pictures as evidence.
After a restful lunch at Kanchan Kesari, the journey to Ajmer was a piece of cake. Home territory, I knew secret routes, so car No: 2 reached Mayo College Girls’ school first. And then the pride of CanKids vehicles drove in. Here, we were showing off not just our driving prowess but an expression of unity for a noble cause. CanKids wears its heart on its sleeve. We were received warmly in the school, where my daughter Sunetra studies and where my sister happens to be the Principal. I was very happy that they got to meet all my friends at CanKids.
When I was Captain on a ship, as I took ships from one point on the globe to the other, we had something known as Bridge Team Management. Day 2 was when my Bridge Team Management faltered and we overshot by 54 kms. Reversing engines, in the face of total embarrassment we eventually reached our lunch spot,Kumbhalgarh Forest Retreat, where we were given the cold shoulder, at least the rotis had gone cold. We were even told that men can never take instructions. However we thought we were doing alright because we had seen Sonia’s and Rima’s car overtake us and overshoot. They too, eventually appeared over the Kumbalgarh horizon and were possibly luckier with the rotis.
What followed was possibly the unofficial show piece run to Udaipur where all sinews of the rally were practiced, organisation tested, damsels in distress rescued and Prince Charming too managed to get his nose powdered. We finally reached the GBH American Hospital to a warm reception and much needed samosas and tea.
Gosh, what a terrific bunch we were, I mean CanKids and Western Motorsports of course. The evening was delightful under the stars. The stars themselves paled in comparison to the CanKids ladies and one distinguished gentleman. They walked the ramp and dazzled. Surabhi and I in the role of judges simply gazed. Vedika was the belle of the ball, whilst little Sabrina was the unchallenged sweetheart. Pranita, Deepshika and Kewalji were sartorially superb and won 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Car 2 was also about to lose their ace pilot Anurag to an early morning flight back to Delhi.
So, it was announced that youth and experience were to be tried in tandem. I got promoted to Pilot and Brijesh was told that he would sit alongside me as the navigator.
Day 3 saw a frenzy of cars roving around Swaroop Sagar in Udaipur, trying to find their way out. Brijesh my young navigator got most of this right and we were one of the first cars to break out and get back on track.We even managed to come second in the TSD trial.
After resting peaceably in the environs of the Jain temple in Ranakpur, something changed. Possibly, my handling of the vehicle had changed too,because each time I looked to the left, I found that sleep had got the better of my young navigator and gentle breathing sounds of somnolent comfort could be heard. Thus literally, Car 2 was a solo job all the way to Jaipur.
Now, a number of my compatriots followed the advice of Google Maps and were made to plough through some very narrow streets in the Pink City. Google Maps felt that CanKids’ wide bodied crafts could perhaps scrape some cement and mortar off the buildings as part of road widening.
Fortunately, our XUV 500 had its own maps and Brijesh having arisen out of slumber was in action. We breezed past Hawa Mahal, a number of ‘gates’,on to the Trident and arrived in good spirits. Dinner and the prize distribution event was good. Once again, CanKids turned out in style and spirit for a good cause. At this point, I have to hand it to the Top Management of CanKids, not just for what they do but how the go about doing what they do. Thumbs up all the way.
The final day saw the cars meander through Jaipur for great photo opportunities against city backdrops. Following Poonam, I even saw her take selfies on the move. We reached Jayshree Periwal International School to another warm welcome. Engagements such as these go a long way towards creating catalysts for change and improvement.
From here we were flagged off for Tala with a twist on the highway through a narrow culvert into the dirt track towards Raisar. Then onto Tala. These villages gave us a good reception. Our own hero CanKids staged a street play which marked the perfect end point for what had been an eventful 4 days of focused engagement on a crucial issue alongside unforgettable moments of camaraderie and togetherness.
Jai Ho. Thumbs up to CanKids and Hats Off to Western Motorsports.
Ashwin Khandke
Former Merchant Navy Captain, qualified Safety Engineer and currently Director in Asian Oilfield Services Ltd, a company that carries out Seismic Surveys of oil blocks. Studied at Mayo College, Ajmer, St. Stephens College, LBS Institute for Maritime Studies, Australian Maritima College and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Play cricket, golf – One time theatre actor and voice over.

Awareness Road Trip

Aryan Malhotra

I want to start by saying that this was not the first road trip I’ve been on but it was definitely the best! I didn’t know anybody but the warmth with which I was treated was amazing. Spreading awareness about there being a cure for cancer and informing the poor people about the symptoms and free treatment made me feel a lot better about myself too. I also felt a great sense of awe as Kewal uncle was with us with his wife Deepshikha Aunty. He was, at 74, our senior most cancer survivor. Thanks to my mom who let me take 2 days off from School to accompany her for the Car rally, an experience beyond my imagination!
A highlight of the trip was when we reached Mayo Girls School. Ashwin uncle spoke there about how 2 months back he had lost his wife to cancer. It was really very touching and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Also, his daughter was so beautifully taken care of by her friends and teachers at her alma mater, the Mayo Girls School.
We spent 10 hours each day in the car but that too was a learning because of the way we spread awareness to the people all along the way. It was a 4 days wonderfully spent with people beautiful at heart and all wanting to give back to the society together. It taught me a lot as to how much difference can each one of us make in the lives of others by just a little effort. I really wish my friends and other kids from school could also have these kind of experiences where they get to see life beyond their comfort zones

Missing the Action!!

Shalini Singh

Time is 7 pm, and the date is September 9, 2015. It’s the ceremonial flag off time for the 4th CanKids Car Rally 2015, an event managed by Western Motorsports.
I am a part of team Western Motorsports (WM) and (was to be) an official for the CanKids Rally 2015.
After many hours of discussions, days of recce and few months of waiting, the time had arrived for the real action. But I am home. My lil’ girl had diagnosed positive for Dengue.
My phone pinged every other second with the pictures of rally vehicles taking off the starting point. Cheering faces, excitement filled eyes of the participants, all decked up wheels, roaring to make their way through the 1600 kms awaiting them in the next 4 days. The route: Gurgaon – Ajmer – Udaipur – Jaipur – Gurgaon.
For most of us this would be mean getting on NH-8 and go through NH-78 & 76. But that’s where the mystery and thrill lies. Starting from Gurgaon, through the various landscapes of Rajasthan, the rally would travel through many small hamlets, district roads – which usual travelers don’t acknowledge exists and the unknown roads that never show up on the Google map.
Day 1 begins. Amidst nursing my kid back to health, I keep my phone handy.
I don’t want to miss a beat. Live updates keep pouring in as each minute passes.
All those 4-days, even though I wasn’t present physically; I lived every moment of the indescribable anxiety, nervous thrill and action.
Day 2, 3 and finally the end arrives.WM teams return to their base, so do the participants.
Thanks to Poonam Bagai and her entire team of CanKids for conceptualizing such a unique awareness program on Cancer. To Anukraman Singh Rathore, for making us a part of this event.
My write-up would be incomplete without thanking the most crucial link between this event and I – WhatsApp. Thank you WhatsApp!
Shalini Singh
If God granted me a wish (bundled) – it would be a Land Rover, unlimited supply of fuel and two times meal everyday. 🙂 I live to only drive. I believe every road is a place in-between places. An avid birder and a wildlife enthusiast, trying my hands on bird and people photography.
I am a bird of passage.

Car Rally – our first and an unforgettable experience

Kewal Krishan Sehgal & Deepshikha Sehgal

Car rally the name itself creates excitement  and has adrenaline running and that’s why it’s called the ” Queen of Sports”. So our love for driving , the cause for which it was organized and our love for the state of Rajasthan that attracted me n my husband Kewal Krishan Sehgal to participate in this rally. We were the senior most participants in the rally but young in our spirits n were active in all events of the rally.
Cankids KidsCan is very close to my heart as I started volunteering with them after my husband survived the killer disease cancer.  The 4th women’s car rally go gold Rajasthan Organized  by CanKids in association with Western Motorsports from Jaipur had the perfect setting to take us to beautiful  state of Rajasthan.  We really wanted to make a difference in d lives of as many people as we could by making them aware that childhood cancer is curable. So in all it was a rally with a huge responsibility.
This rally was a hit from the word go with new experience of driving.  We thoroughly enjoyed following the road book  treasure hunt  n TSD . All these kept us excited throughout d drive though we did loose our way in between while calculating the time but that was fun too. The stop over in between to create awareness about cancer gave an opportunity to interact with the villagers n truck drivers on the way. It was a great feeling to touch the lives of so many people n create awareness about cancer.
The rally took us through d beautiful wide roads of Rajasthan that was lush green n the Aravalli hills stood majestically on both sides of the road telling their story through time. As a teacher of geography I could feel these hills come alive with their history. The drive took us to the fort of Kumbalgarh,Ajmer , Ranakpur, Udaipur and Jaipur. We visited the prestigious Mayo College Girls School(Ajmer ),  Jayshree Periwal International School (Jaipur) for the awareness program. We visited the Raisar and Tala villages to touch d lives of dear villagers. It really was a satisfying experience.
The four days of rally were full of action excitement n fun with a cause. The bonding with other participants n d team of western motorsports is for  life. The  professional arrangements by WM team n its members in really praiseworthy.
Thank you CanKids and Western Motorsports for giving us a great and an unforgettable  experience of a lifetime. We surely would love to repeat this experience in future too 🙂
Kewal Krishan Sehgal – An engineer by profession and follower of Nichiren Buddhism . Loves to travel, drive n spend time with grandchildren.
Deepshikha Sehgal – A geography teacher. Now a Cankids volunteer. Love to be close to nature and travel, driving, interior designing and gardening my passion.

An Eye-opening Journey…

Archana Malhotra

The car rally has been a very educative, humbling and an eye-opening experience! An unforgettable journey where u meet and make friends with so many people you have never met, compete with your own friends to literally nail biting finishes of Time Speed Distance rally and Treasure Hunt. We got a taste of real rallying as the motor sporting part was handled by Western Motorsports from Jaipur.
On the other hand, not loosing the real essence of the Trip: Establishing footprint in hospitals of Jaipur (SMS Hospital) and Udaipur (GBH American Hospital) so that no child suffering from cancer is returned because of lack of money. Collaborating with Oncologists and other Social groups who can help make a difference! Setting up poster making competitions in support of effects of Cancer and interacting with principals and students of major schools of Ajmer (Mayo College Girls School) and Jaipur (Jaishree Periwal International School) as Kids are the Future and we need to make our children more giving and compassionate. Visiting Raisar and Tala one realises the ignorance and plight of the villagers and the impact each one of us can make which is difficult to envisage in the comfort of ones home.
Educating one and all about symptoms of Childhood Cancer, that it’s curable and our organisation has a support system whereby one can get immediate help. This was the message we conveyed through our trip of 1600 kms over 3 nights and 4 days. Each one of us did strive to touch as many people as possible the goal was the same: educate people. This was the highlight of our most unforgettable journey.

Archana Malhotra
I am a Textile Technologist by profession and successful entrepreneur. Have quit my work and now voluntarily working for CanKids. Participated in the rally driving Toyota Innova, with my 13 year old school going son.

Drive For Awareness

Rima Lamba

4th CanKids Car Rally, a Drive for Awareness, was a four day trip full of excitement and a commitment to create awareness about childhood cancer in Rajasthan.  During these four days, we stopped at many villages to create awareness about childhood cancer. I was surprised that there were people who knew nothing about cancer. Even if they knew about it, they would not make an effort to treat their child and at few places girls suffering with cancer were not treated. The Rally started early in the morning on 10th September 2015 from Gurgaon. My navigator Sonia Sekhri and I, Rima Lamba were all set with car #4 ready to leave for Ajmer. The trip started with a treasure hunt made by Western Motorsports, which everyone enjoyed. We stopped for lunch at Kanchan Kesari and continued our journey to Ajmer. By the evening we reached Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer where we conducted an awareness program for school children from many schools.
On 11 September, we headed off to Kumbhalgarh. TSD- time speed distance run was organized during the beautiful drive. TC points were set; we missed few and managed to reach few. The lunch was organised at a resort with a scenic location. The TSD ended here and we headed, to GBH American Hospital, Udaipur, where we met some Rotarians and hospital people to join hands with CanKids, in a convoy.
On day three, 12th September, we were all excited and ready to roll for yet another round of TSD. We traversed through Ranakpur- Sanderao and then finally to Jaipur. The lush green jungles and hills amazed us, it definitely did not look like what we heard of Rajasthan. At Jaipur we met a few Rotarians.
This was my first car rally infact it was my first experience of driving on a highway, truly an adventure with amazing people of different age groups from 5 to 74. All of us came with one aim- to make a difference in today’s world where children are suffering from cancer.
Rima Lamba (Driver Car 4) – A housewife and mother of 3 grown up kids
For More Pictures click… Rally Pictures

Gypsy Girls go Rallying


Jasmin & Mandy

Gypsy Girls go Rallying, Competition no.6 aptly called Gypsy Girls share their experience of the Rally.
CAR R.A.L.L.Y ?!! ME?? You gotta be kidding me.
That was my reaction before having an experience of a life time with Western Motorsports.
The Car Rally, organised by Cankids… Kidscan, national society for change for Childhood Cancer in India and Western Motorports, a Motor Sport outfit from Jaipur, was to raise funds for children affected with Cancer as well as to create awareness about Childhood cancer in Rajasthan.
Team Western Motorsports had organised 4 days of non- stop excitement and adrenaline pumping competitions like treasure Hunt, TSD along with giving us a chance to see the beauty of Rajasthan unfurl before our eyes while passing through the back roads of Ajmer, Udaipur and Jaipur.
Purpose of the rally was for each of us to have fun and enjoy the run, which was made sure by WM and also to give back to society by making the naive people of Rajasthan aware that childhood cancer is curable and Cankids is there to support them.
My words are not enough to thank each and every member of Team WM for giving me these memories of a lifetime. Each team member was highly professional and committed to the role they were assigned during the rally – officials, Marshals, photographers.
Starting from competitor briefing at GECC which was brilliantly done by one of the rally officials to scrutiny, preparing the cars, standing in the sun during the TSDs, clicking pictures throughout the day and finally getting us back home safely, each task  was carried out with utmost diligence and care.
I can go on and on singing praises but would stop here and say R.A.L.L.Y with Western Motorsports and my Partner?!! U Bet………Team WM, you definitely fuel adrenaline ………Bring it on guys!!
Another car rally? Sure, why not. Being an explorer has afforded me many new experiences and the idea of a 1600 km rally around the interiors of Rajasthan was thrilling.
Being the only single driver was a task I volunteered to take on, knowing it was one that was way out of my comfort zone….but isn’t that where miracles happen?!!
Thank you Cankids, for allowing individuals to be a part of their truly noble cause, of providing support and aid to not only children with cancer but also to their families. It’s humbling to help in any way at all.
Now, for Western Motorsports…….I’ am convinced no team of driver and navigator could have tried to win this rally as hard as we did. Think the ambulance trailing behind us knew we’d burst a nerve and refused to leave us be, even on our attempts of roadside leaks :p
Truly, grateful to the Team WM, your guys rock!!
I never thought that at the age of 7, I would have such a bombastic experience. I enjoyed rally more than the bike rides with my Mamu. Western Motor sports uncles you all are super cool. I miss you all. Thanks to all of you.
Special thanks to Cankids and  Poonam Bagai for convincing my mumma to bring me on board.
I would love to go Vroom Vroom in future too with only Western Motorsports…….
Mandy (Driver), I am a soft skill and behavioral facilitator. Graduate in graphic design and Master in advertising. Also a marathon runner, I play the African Djembe Drums and love to paint
Jasmin (Navigator) physiotherapist by profession working with Cankids as an Executive Assistant to Ms Poonam Bagai, Founder Chairman, CanKids and also volunteer at Project Sunshine.

4th CanKids Rally Day Three Reportage

Day Three Reportage

An early morning flag off saw the competitors making their way towards Jaswantgarh. From there, clocking one TC after another, they made their way via an interior route to the main national highway. Tackling the challenging road book, they proceeded from Jaswantgarh to Ranakpur. All throughout, the scenic ghat sections challenged the teams to their maximum. The competitive TSD stage concluded at Ranakpur. Via Sanderao, Beawar and Ajmer, the rally finally reached Jaipur.
The venue for the awareness campaign at Jaipur’s SMS Hospital where Health Minister, Rajasthan State, Shri Rajendra Rathore oversaw the proceedings and participated in the event organised by CanKids. The final parking for the day was at The Trident overlooking the scenic and splendorous Jal Mahal. After refreshments,
all the participants gathered for dinner where a slideshow was put up by CanKids. The slideshow captured the highlights of the rally. Tired but still energetic by the whole experience of the rally, the participants gathered for the prize distribution. The results were announced to much delight and enthusiasm. Certificates were handed out to all winners.
CanKids also felicitated the executors of the rally—Team Western Motorsports.
It was a proud moment for all as the participants beamed with a sense of self accomplishment and the team from Western Motorsports reflected in the glory of a “job well done.” The relentless preparation for this event came to an end with an enriching experience for all those who participated in the 4th CanKids Car Rally.

4th CanKids Car Rally Day Two Reportage

Day Two Reportage

The thrill of back road driving, mixed with continuous calculations, kept the participants on their toes on Day 2. The TSD kicked off at Country Inn and Suites and via some superb country roads, wound its way to Kumbhalgarh. Much action was seen at the TC points along the way where competitors were timed. Some were penalized for minor infractions too. Many braved on despite getting lost along the way. However, in a rally, that is counted as “All in a day’s work.” The Spirit of Competition was high and all participants vied for the ever elusive perfect timing.
Some amazing countryside vistas opened as all drove through the lush green Aravali Hills. Water bodies, lakes, dams and quaint villages added to the thrill of competing and Western Motorsport’s in-house team of professional photographers managed to capture some amazing moments. Naturally, the rally generated a lot of interest among the villagers and the participants managed to stop at several places and spread their message of awareness about Cancer.
Followed by a relaxed break and lunch at Kumbhalgarh, everyone headed towards Udaipur — the final destination for the day.
Come evening, all the cars had lined up in the parking space of GBH American Hospital, Udaipur. Another round of presentations and felicitations followed and eminent representatives from the Hospital and the Rotary Club participated in the gathering.
The day ended at a beautiful lake-view location—The Hilltop Palace—where all participated in several games hosted in the lush garden of the hotel. Dinner followed and yet no one was ready to call it a day. Everyone soaked in the cool invigorating breeze and the view of the absolutely mesmerizing Lake Fateh Sagar.
The conclusion of an action-packed day generated much excitement among the participants towards the final day of the competitive stage of the rally.

4th CanKids Rally 2015 – Day One Reportage

Day One Reportage

On day one 4th CanKids rally participants were raring to go, after the previous day’s ceremonial flag off. The participants gunned their vehicles for the day’s destination—Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer. Along the way, they were challenged by the clues to the day’s event—The Treasure Hunt. Looking for clues and navigating through the Road Book. The treasure was to finish in a stipulated time. Surprisingly, the Treasure Hunt was one of the high points of the rally. The participants enjoyed thoroughly as they really had to wrack their brains to solve the clues. The Treasure Hunt organised by Western Motorsports got rave reviews as many commented that it was different than what they were normally used to.
A splendid traditional Rajasthani luncheon welcomed them at Kanchan Kesri on NH 8 where the Chief Scrutineer, Capt Amarjeet Sangwan from FMSCI, inspected the vehicles and gave his go-ahead to the proceedings of the rally. Following the Scrutiny, the participants sped to the venue for that day’s awareness event. Mayo College Girls School extended a hearty welcome to the rally participants.
The welcome ceremony and a presentation in the auditorium was followed by a high tea.
To a packed auditorium, a brief idea of what CanKids aims to achieve was given. Some of the Cancer survivors related their personal battles and many in the assembled audience fought back tears. It was a heart-warming narrative of the trials and tribulations of fighting cancer.
An appeal to everyone present was made to contribute to the cause in whatever capacity possible. A round of felicitations by CanKids, and some sloganeering, concluded the event at Mayo College Girls School.
The strain of a long drive had not dampened the high spirit of an adrenaline-fuelled rally experience. Day 1 concluded with a scrumptious dinner at Country Inn & Suites, outside Ajmer, and the announcement of the winners of the Treasure Hunt. In brief, once again, a revision of the concept and rules and regulations of Day 2’s TSD were explained to the participants.

4th Cankids Rally 2015 – Rally Photos

                                              4th Cankids Rally 2015 – Day Zero Photos

4th CanKids Rally Day Zero

Day Zero Reportage

4th CanKids rally day zero preparation started today. Accompanied by some light-hearted banter, in a superb setting of Queen’s Bar & Lounge, GECC Mall at Sohna Road, Gurgaon. The Participants for CanKids 4th car rally were introduced for the first time to the concept of Time, Speed, Distance (TSD) rally by Team Western Motorsports. The participants were briefed on all the aspects of the rally specially the TSD rally. Rally participants were explained the basics, the rules & regulations, safety and the general working of a well organised professional rally.
The  rally participants then proceeded for scrutiny Zone. Documents were checked and kits were distributed. Competitors prepared their vehicles for vehicle scrutiny with compulsory stickers. The vehicles were checked for basic safety and scrutiny norms set up by the FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sport Clubs of India). CanKids organised a super show for all the competitors and to all mall visitors.
Everyone was enthralled by the performances and the young cancer survivors put a splendid song and dance routine. It was truly a celebration of victory over most impossible odds.
Post some very insightful speeches, it was time for group photographs and everyone jumped to the opportunity to get themselves captured by the shutterbugs. In a ceremonial gesture, balloons with prayers written on them were released in the sky so as to send a message to God.
All this merriment was followed by High Tea after which the cermonial flag off for the rally took place. The participants zoomed off one by one as the chief guests, Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Race driver Garima Avtaar and the  Joint Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon Mr. Saurabh Singh flagged them off.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

4th Tour-de-Thar 2015 Dates Announced.

Western Motorsports in association with Jeypore Bike Riders, today announced that the 4th Tour-de-Thar 2015 which is an annual event. 4th Tour-de-Thar will start from 25th December and end on 28thDecember 2015.

At Western Motorsports we can’t imagine life without motoring. Come winter, it is our special time of the calendar. Tour-de-Thar, as the name suggests would be held in the vast expanse of the Great Indian Desert – The Thar. If Western Motorsports had an eye in the sky we could show you riding as just a small speck in the big open desert. Since we don’t have such a thing with us, be with us at ground zero to experience this.

Motorists willing to participate in 4th Tour-de-Thar would be tested for their driving endurance, while enduring the mix of sun, winter chill, you being just the speck in the middle of vast open desert, camping out in tents, enjoying the day’s end around the bonfire and sharing your stories of the day with fellow riders/drivers.

4th Tour-de-Thar would roll out from Jaipur on 25th December 2015. This expedition is open to both type of wheels – 2 & 4 covering around 1,500 km approximately. If you are ready to rough out, if you got it in you, and your wheels are fit for the ride get in touch with Western Motorsports.

Your interest of participation can be sent to asr@westernmotorsports.in

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Chowdhary at Tour de Thar 2015

15 Shalini Singh

Although I have been associated with Western Motorsports for quite a long time now, this was my first time on two-wheels. After a lot of deliberations, I finalised to go with the trusted RE (Royal Enfield). Tour de Thar 2015 had to be on a bike, no matter what I had promised myself in TDT 2014. Desert Storm model was the obvious choice, given our group is from the land of sand. Given the stature of RE, I decided to call him Chowdhary.

The beauty of the land is such that every time you drive it’s something different you experience. Riding on Rajasthan roads was an all new experience since I have always been behind the 4-wheels. I realised how much it meant to keep your bike and yourself safe for the ride to go smoothly.

We were 8 bikers in all with, 2 4-wheels and a support vehicle carrying our luggage, tent equipments and supplies. The support vehicle was quite a help as we didn’t have to carry all the luggage on our bikes. Each day we rode for about 200-300 kilometres max. The convoy was lead by an experience biker and tailed by another. I was purposefully kept in-between the convoy for my safety. My fellow bikers kept me motivated through out, especially when the terrain got challenging. They supported me throughout with the little tricks to keep the bike balance intact. I can’t thank them enough for without them I may not have had attempted this.

I rode about 800+ kilometres on Chowdhary, through the 6-day 2000 kilometre ride. Testing my amateur skills on various terrains – loose gravel and sand – tumbling off my bike a couple of times, I am pretty charged up for TDT 2016.

Written by Shalini Singh
WM note on author - Shalini Singh is one of our experienced female SUV driver and has long association with WM and JBR. Last year she had switched from four wheels to two wheel rider. The above is her experience in short, riding RE Desert Storm, nicknamed Chowdary during our annual Tour de Thar 15 event. 

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