Thursday, July 19, 2018

Moto Dangal Season 3 - Three Days To Start Line

By Praveen

No matter how great the success is, 
The count starts with ONE. 
The first step, the first dare
The first failure, the first achievement!
No matter how great the success is, 
It's always just a milestone. Because ahead us is another!
But what it is got to do with us??
Nothing! One might say.
Because, we are just a bunch of adrenaline junkies. 
Who got another adrenaline race event for you??!!
That's true, but just the half of it.....
Our event 'Moto Dangal' is not just for the pro-motorcyclist, 
Its an opportunity for the seekers, 
A ground for the daredevils to be discovered.
A ground to watch, a ground to teach. 
A ground to learn and a ground to grow!
Its a ground that treats everyone alike. 
Here, to this ground, you are not a pro or a novice,
Not a man, woman or a machine.
Just a rival, who will either conquer or be vanquished!

Register here to participate - Three days to go for start line

Motorsports Photography Contest - Moto Dangal Season 3

Season 3 of Moto Dangal, an endurocross track race, invites all budding photographers to join motorsports photography competition on 22nd July 2018.

You are permitted to use professional cameras, pro-consumer cameras and even mobile phones.

The photographs must be taken at the venue of Moto Dangal season three, an enduro-cross track race. And the photographs must be related to the event.

All photographs clicked during the event must be uploaded to instagram. To qualify for shortlisting as best photographs you must use all of the following hashtags


Registration for Motorsports Photography Competition will be open at the venue at 0700 AM of 22nd July 2018.

Venue - NSR Farm, Near Thikhariya Toll, Bagru,  Jaipur. Rajasthan.

Use the QR code for location finding.

For further details contact - +91 9828403242

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hausala Ho To Mushkilen Kya Hai - Moto Dangal Season 3

By Praveen

Here I came with little,
Left with much more.
And in between,
I battled against the odds,
My own limitations..

This is .....
The winner of women category at Moto Dangal Season 2.

So why wait?
UN-LIMIT your potential..
Moto Dangal Season 3 Awaits YOU !

Register Today

Friday, July 13, 2018

Workshop For Motorsports Enthusiast This Sunday

Image courtesy rScrambler

Western Motorsports believes in building a strong motorcycle community of skilled riders. In continuation of its belief, Western Motorsports is organising free workshops for motorsports enthusiasts. One such workshop will be held on 15th July (Sunday). The workshop will cover: 

Motorcycle repair DIY: Key components of motorcycle and their basic functions. Commonly faced technical glitches. Detecting and repairing the faulty parts. Proper and timely maintenance.     
Fitness Tips: Specific exercises and proper fitness goals for the riders. Common Stretches while riding. Role of water and strict diet to stay fit while on ride.

Register before or on 14th July 2018, for more details, contact us on +919001012786.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

You Got Speed, We Got Hurdles & Trophy - Moto Dangal Season 3

Season three of Moto Dangal "Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses" scheduled on 22nd July 2018 is an endurocross track race. 

The highlight of this season is that you stand a chance to win the Dangal Kesari trophy.  This is given to Overall winner of season three and will be based on points system. 

Do I need to register for this category?


How does the points system work?

Top 5 ranker of each class of competition will be evaluated as per their position in a format given below.

Position 1                    100
Position 2                    80
Position 3                    60
Position 4                    40
Position 5                    20

There are five classes in an event and each class has six participants (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 & R6). The event comes to its end, producing following results, class vise. 

Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
1st (100)
2nd (80)
3rd (60)
4th (40)
5th (20)
No. of classes: 5
No. of riders: 6(R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 & R6)

Each rider will be rewarded with points as per the prescribed format. Points for each class will be added for final score.
R1 = 300 (80+100+40+40+40)
R2 = 280 (100+60+60+0+60)
R3 = 160 (40+0+20+80+20)
R4 = 300 (20+20+80+100+80)
R5 = 380 (60+80+100+40+100)

Based on total score, an overall champion will be chosen.
P1                    R5 (Overall Champion)
P2                    R1
P3                    R4
P4                    R2
P5                    R3

What are the conditions for entry into Dangal Kesari consideration?

A class of competition must encompass minimum of 5 participants for consideration in points evaluation.  

What happens if there is a tie?

In case of tie, the overall champion will be decided by a ‘Knock Down’ where the tied racers will race against each other for one final round of 5 Laps.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Moto Dangal Season 3 - Early Entry Participant List

Early entry for Moto Dangal season 3 "Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses" was closed on 5th July 2018. 

As on this date we received 42 entries which includes 8 entries from women riders. 

Registration for Moto Dangal Season 3 will be open until 21 July 05:00 PM with standard entry fee of Rupees 1200/-

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Off-Road Riding Lessons On Moto Dangal Track

Western Motorsports is conducting off-road riding lessons on the Moto Dangal track. The session will be held on 08 July 2018 between 0700-1000 AM. 

This is the second session to be conducted leading to Moto Dangal "Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses". Moto Dangal is an endurocross track race on 22nd July 2018. 

In the last session of off-road riding lessons saw 25 attendees riding various models of motorcycles of different capacities. The off-road session was conducted by Digvijay 'DeeJay'Singh and Anukraman. 

All riders went through one hour of theory class learning the basics of sitting, standing and recovery positions. They also learn't on controlling the speed in accordance to different obstacles and jumps. 
Later, each individual riders practiced on the Moto Dangal track under the supervision of experienced riders from Western Motorsports & Jeypore Bike Riders. 

The last session also had photography lessons for budding photographers. Photography session was conducted by Bhuvan Gaur, a team member of Western Motorsports and a professional photographer. 
Around 10 photographers participated in this session and learn't the finer points of sports photography. 

On 8th July 2018, second session of Off-Road riding lessons will by conducted at the same venue as previous session. This session will also have a short course on physical fitness for off-road riders.  Off-Road riding requires both stamina and mental strength to get you through the difficult terrain. You body is required to be flexible and at the same time have the strength to handle your motorcycle and the terrain. 

Register your interest by calling the number mentioned above in the picture on or before 07 July 2018. 

Real strength of the riders is not to duck the storm, but to ride through it. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Free Off Road Ridding Lessons From Western Motorsports

Off Road Riding Lessons

Western Motorsports will conduct a free session on off-road ridding lessons on 01 July 2018. This training session is open to all who ride Motorcycle or scooter. The training will be conducted on the Moto Dangal track.

Call +91 9001012786 before 30th June 2018 to book your session.

You are required to bring your own motorcycle or scooter & necessary riding safety gear. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Dangal Kesari - Champion Trophy Of Moto Dangal

*Trophy shown in the picture is purely used for representation.

Western Motorsports proudly announces the introduction of "Dangal Kesari" trophy in season three of Moto Dangal. Moto Dangal is an enduro-cross track race event to be held on 22nd July 2018 at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

So what is Dangal Kesari?

Dangal means wrestling. Kesari means champion.
Moto Dangal is an enduro-cross track race. It is all about you wrestling and crossing over different obstacles, hurdles along with your vehicle (motorcycle or scooter or buggy or quad) until you conquer the chequered flag. Unlike other track races, Moto Dangal is not all about speed, it is also about your skill and stamina.

Dangal Kesari is a champion trophy which comes with a prize money of Rupees 10,000/- and a year's subscription of Motorsports India, Off Road, EVO India and Fast Bikes.

Dangal Kesari champion trophy is based on point system. Details are explained in the race manual. Download it here

To register for Moto Dangal season three click here

Early registration ends on 5th July. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Battle Of Iron Horses - Is Open For Registration

Battle Of Iron Horses 

Is Open For Registration

Online registration for season three of Moto Dangal, an enduro-cross track race is now open.
To register your participation in this competitive motorsport event, visit Moto Dangal Registration Page

Points to remember before to commence your registration.

1) Read the competition manual throughly
2) You are required to fill the Indemnity form and submit it personally at either registration desk on the day of event i.e. 22 July 2018 or at Western Motorsports Office. (Phone: 9001012786)
3) If you are aged  below 18 years you are required to submit Consent Letter signed from your parents/legal guardian and submit it personally at either registration desk on the day of event i.e. 22 July 2018 or at Western Motorsports Office.
4) If the vehicle you riding is not owned by you, then you are required to submit Authorisation Letter from the actual owner and submit it personally at either registration desk on the day of event i.e. 22 July 2018 or at Western Motorsports Office.
4) In absence of any of the above forms, you may not be allowed to compete. 
5) You may compete in more than one class of race competition. 
6) Registration fee varies according to dates. 
7) You are required wear riding safety gear. 

All forms including the manual can be downloaded. To download visit Moto Dangal Season 3 page

All the best competitors.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Women Moto At Moto Dangal Season 3

Women participation in Moto Dangal has come a long way since its inception in 2017. Moto Dangal is probably the first enduro-cross racing event in Rajasthan, India which has a class of race competition for women to participate in. 

Now in season 3 with the introduction of Novice class, women of the modern moto era have an entirely new offering of race class to showcase their abilities. 

Unlike other race classes, Novice class does not categories on the type of motorcycle you are riding. Any type of engine CC (motorcycle only) is permitted. Women riders benefit in two ways, one those who are new to the enduro-cross stand a chance to showcase their raw skills and possible podium positions. Secondly they benefit for no engine cc restrictions and can ride on the motorcycle they are comfortable with. With this Western Motorsports the organisers of Moto Dangal hope there would be wider participation of women bikers and thus creating an avenue for women riders an arena to showcase their passion for racing. 

Apart from Novice class, seasoned women race riders and enduro-cross aspirants can compete in Women Moto (motorcycle of any engine cc) & Women Scooter class of competition (geared or non geared). 

Season One - Podium winners

Women Moto                                                           Women Scooter
First - Gurmail Kaur                                                 First - Gurmail Kaur
Second -  Madavi Pilania                                         Second - Pooja Sharma
Third - Ankita Malhotra                                           Third - Tanviska Sharma

Season Two - Podium winners

Women Moto
First - Madavi Pilani
Second - Shubashmita
Third - Nupur Saxena

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ten Things To Know About Season 3 Of Moto Dangal


Hurdle Master's - Battle Of Iron Horses

Unlike other motocross racing events, Moto Dangal does not categorise  racing classes as juniors, seniors and experts. We pride in classifying race classes according to engine CC. Keeping tune with the newer motorbikes in the market, few changes have been brought into the race categories. This would enable wider range of participation. 

1) 2018 season 3 of Moto Dangal - Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses - will feature one day enduro styled racing (22nd July 2018). There are upto 13 racing classes. Each racing class is restricted in relation to engine cc and in certain cases including or eliminate certain types of motorcycle product. Moto Dangal races are open to men and women from all over India. 

2) Unlike certain racing competitions, there are no warm up race days for participants. On the day of competition, riders will be allowed to inspect the track under track marshal's guidance. Hence it is important for all riders to complete their registration formalities before the start of track inspection. 

3) A competitor can participate in more than one class of race of the riders gender. Entry into additional class would entail additional class payment. 

4) The track - Moto Dangal has earned its name as Hurdle Master. This seasons track is longer than the previous seasons. It would be rough, tough and test your skills to the core. This season will see improved version of obstacles and part of it will be new. A section of the track will be used for scooter class (both male and female). 

5) Introduction of Novice class - This race class has certain restrictions. Winners of previous Moto Dangal seasons are not eligible to take part in this class. This includes any winning position of any race class. This class is open to both men and women riders. Type of vehicle permitted is motorcycle. 

6) Introduction of Foreign bikes class - This race class has certain restrictions. Only motorbikes like MX, SX, Enduro X, which are not sold commercially in India by the manufacturer are permitted in this race class. 

7) Introduction of class above 500 cc - This class is for motorbikes with higher engine cc. 

8) Introduction of Buggy & Quad class - This race class is restricted to Buggy & Quad type of vehicles. This class is open to both male & female. 

9) Introduction of Dangal Kesari trophy - Dangal Kesari is an overall winner trophy. It will be awarded based on points won by an individual rider. Points system has been detailed in Moto Dangal race manual. 

10) Maximum permissible time to complete and clear all obstacles is ten minutes. 

*image pngtree

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Moto Dangal Season 3 Event Date Announcement


Ships are safest at the harbour, but then they are not meant for that purpose!
And neither are the men, women and machines made of mettle. 

To all the motorsports enthusiast, adrenaline seekers and motorbike freaks - we proudly announce the 3rd Moto Dangal on 22nd July 2018, with the onset of monsoon. 

The first Dangal surprised and humbled many with its small but a technically challenging track. It definitely created the fear of water amongst the most seasoned bikers. 

The second Dangal challenged the bikers with a much larger track that tested the stamina of bikers and scooterist. 

With the 3rd Moto Dangal, we are all set to test both 'the bike' and 'the biker' equally on a much more challenging track. 

Bikers, Scooterist, Men, Women, Novice and the Pro's prepare those 'iron horses' well and begin to train your mind and body hard for the #onslaught we are about to bring in! 

Its gonna be a pure adrenaline rush out on the track. Let's rev those engines, hit the dirt on grippy tires with gusto. 

Follow this link for updates on registration for Moto Dangal an enduro styled motocross event. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Season Three Of Moto Dangal Registration Opening Soon

Season three of Moto Dangal, the much awaited motorsport event of Jaipur, Rajasthan would be open to registration shortly.

Moto Dangal an enduro styled motorsport is termed as the 'Hurdle Master'. It sure does live up to this title. With loops and whoops, this season of Moto Dangal will test your skills to the core. Its gonna be tough. The distance between start and finish has been lengthened. Those who participated in season two of Moto Dangal, if those obstacles were hard to cross by now you face the improved version of those plus newer challenges. Hope you are not scared of heights and fall. Its gonna be a pure adrenaline rush for competitors.

In tune with newer motorcycles in the market and to ensure fair participation in the competition, season three of Moto Dangal will have couple of new categories aka class of competition. With this we hope more competitors as well as women riders will take part.  

Moto Dangal is open to motorcycles, scooters, novice, pro's, men and women. 

Watch this space for the adrenaline rush you seek.

Or visit the website 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Moto Dangal Race One Of 2018 Features On Auto Track Magazine India

Moto Dangal Race One Of 2018 Features On Auto Track Magazine India

Moto Dangal a competitive track race organised by Western Motorsports is styled on lines of enduro motocross. Race one of 2018 which happened in the month of March had seen 50 entries running 160 laps. Moto Dangal was featured in Motorsports India, EVO and now on Auto Track Magazine India. 

Race two of Moto Dangal 2018, will be coming soon. It is expected that the track & obstacles will be tougher to conquer. Moto Dangal a place that cultivates the future winners of motocross in India. 

Compete to prove you have the skill & grit to conquer our track. We challenge that we will make you sweat for your sweet victory. 

Up for it? Keep a watch on for more details on participation and race rules. 

Meanwhile enjoy reading the Auto Track May/June article on Moto Dangal 

Auto Track Magazine Features Moto Dangal Race One 2018

Auto Track Magazine Features Moto Dangal Race One 2018 Page 2

Monday, June 4, 2018

Dal Baati Churma At Monsoon Sojourn

Dal Baati Churma, is a traditional dish of Rajasthan. This delicious dish is made out of  minimal ingredients and has a long shelf life, these essential qualities make it popular in Rajasthan and also bordering districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Baati essentially means Rajasthani bread. This dish was born out of necessity due to water scarcity  in parts of Rajasthan. It is made out of mixing whole wheat flour, rava, ghee, minimal water, cumin seeds and salt to taste. The dough is rolled into small balls and is baked at 350c in wood fired ovens for 20-25 minutes. The dough balls are constantly flipped while in oven for even cooking.

Dal is a staple diet of Indians and the main source of proteins for vegetarians. Again made out of minimal ingredients. This this dish is made out of yellow dal, boiled in water until the grains are soft and mash-able. Added to the dal is turmeric, red chilli powder and salt to taste. Garnish it with coriander leaves.

Churma is a sweet dish made out of coarse Baati, ghee and sugar.

This simple dish, once common now a delicacy will rejuvenate your palate. This dish is a must to relish on Monsoon Sojourn road trip this August.

To register for this self drive guided road trip, click on the link Register for Monsoon Sojourn 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Moto Dangal - Event One of 2018 Video

Moto Dangal - Event One Of 2018 Video

Moto Dangal is an endurocross format event, in its second edition which received 57 entries and ran 164 races. 

The event was supported well by Rajasthan Tourism, Motorsport India, Multifit Jaipur- Vaishali Nagar, RAM BAGH KTM, Vindhyachal Drugs Pitstop Nutrition,, REGAAL CUSTOMS and Jeypore Bike Riders. A big thank you to Team Xcelerators for sweating out with us to make the event run smoothly.

The categories: MX 1 - Women Moto class (This class is restricted to women riding motorcycle of any CC) MX 2 - Scooter ( Scooter of any CC) MX 3 - Up to 150 cc (Restricted to 'non-Impulse' models*) MX 4 - 150-300 cc (Restricted to 'non-Impulse' models) MX 5 - Impulse class (Stock or modified Impulse models) MX 6 - 300-500 cc (Including Himalayan model by Royal Enfield) MX 7 - RE (Restricted to all models manufactured by Royal Enfield) MX 8 - Open class

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monsoon Sojourn 2018 - Backroads and rain beckon you.

Monsoon Sojourn 2018

Backroads and rains beckon you

Monsoon is a season best experienced outside. The weather adds a touch of adventure and romance to outdoor activities. Stay connected to the nature by joining Monsoon Sojourn in the month of August for a road trip. We travel through part of Mewar, Hadauti and majorly Waagad parts of Rajasthan. 

Monsoon Sojourn a ride to celebrate rains, is held every year around the Indian Independence day weekend. This road trip is open to both motorcycle and car/SUV. You get to navigate through the scenic backroads, through the most beautiful and offbeat locations. Some of these are best kept secret of tribal lands of Rajasthan. 

Contact us at +91 900 1012786

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Evo India Magazines Features Moto Dangal

Moto Dagal Featured on EVO India Magazine

Evo India a bi-monthly motorsport magazine featured an article on Moto Dangal.

Moto Dangal is an enduro-styled motocross organised and conducted by Western Motorsports at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Read the full article on EVO India

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Challenges You Take, Podiums You Conquer - Moto Dangal Season Two

Winning the podium positions at Moto Dangal "the hurdle master" is huge for some. Definitely a huge title for others. 
Moto Dangal series has the best riders competing. Going against them and beating them is an amazing feeling. Many riders mentally prepare themselves for the track. All best laid plans are shaken up by the "hurdle master". With all the lows and highs for a rider, all that falls and slips, it is the sheer grit of the rider that takes them through the finish line. 
It is difficult to say you need to be consistent in a competitive series like Moto Dangal, but it is a good way to describe your podium standing of the season. Riders are required to push themselves to their limits to reach the top step of the podium. 
In high intensity short format like Moto Dangal creates way more action than any long format motorsport event. Everybody here is to win and things can quickly go really bad, especially when you crash in the pit and unable to get your bike back on stride. Moto Dangal is designed to sap your endurance. 
Moto Dangal track is made to suit both lighter 150 cc to heavier 350-500 cc motorbikes, even for scooters. Moto Dangal doesn't differentiate the gender of the rider. It all boils down to the riders skills and endurance to win the top steps of the podium. 

Second addition of 2018 Moto Dangal will be announced soon. Get ready to the challenges you take, podiums you conquer. We make it happen at Moto Dangal.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Thrills You Seek, Monsoon Sojourn By Western Motorsports

Thrills You Seek, Monsoon Sojourn By Western Motorsports

Kick start me. Wake me and take me away on a long ride. Show me what it feels like to have wind whooshing past me. Let the rain slide over my chrome and the mud soil it. Take me away and let me feel that there is heaven on earth. 

That’s the silent prayer of your motorcycle to you. 

Monsoon Sojourn from 11 to 15th August 2018, is offering you the opportunity to fulfil that silent prayer. An opportunity for you and your bike to travel through the lush green backlands of Rajasthan. A exploration away from the highway and into the remote. Monsoon Sojourn just doesn’t offer you a ride through the backlands; you get to know the ancient history, culture and local delicacies combined with the friendly hospitality from WM team.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Take Me Away - Monsoon Sojourn Presented By Western Motorsports

Take Me Away - Monsoon Sojourn From The Stables Of Western Motorsports

Let the monsoon take you away on a long winding route mesmerising you into a trance.

Be part of this "take me away" mesmerising road trip.

Call now - +91 9001012786 and book your road trip. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This Monsoon Find Your True North - Monsoon Sojourn

Monsoon Sojourn From Western Motorsports - Find Your True North

This Monsoon, ready your gear for a ride in the rain. Prepare yourself for a long ride on the wet and muddy routes. Feast your eyes with the beautiful scenery and stop for a hot cup of tea.

This is the perfect getaway, no work pressure, for a clear mind and friends for company. 

Western Motorsports presents Monsoon Sojourn from 11 to 15th August 2018

For more details, call +919001012786

Friday, April 20, 2018

Live In The Moment And Make It Beautiful - Monsoon Sojourn

It is said that those who love to drive and those who look at the map after reaching a point, would never need to seek a therapist. 

Such are these people; they find time to take a break from the rut of life "roti, kapada & makaan".  It is a passion from them to seek bliss in the lap of mother nature and witness the natures seasonal change. As the rain showers, washing away all the dust, accumulated during the summer, whilst bringing life to its green, they smile. For they live in the moment and witness the beauty of nature. 

Break the chains that has tied your passion. Let your passion for once take over you. Live in the moment and make best of the journey. You will realise you don't need a therapist.

Monsoon Sojourn is for such; who never need to seek a therapist. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Whatever You Call It - Monsoon Sojourn

Monsoon Sojourn 2018 Announcement

Has the time squeezed out the passion ? Remember the times when rainy days were your favourite. when you saddled your bike zig and zagged along the muddy fields with your friends. Never to care how wet & dirty you got nor for the metalled road. Bring that smile back on you, re-passion yourself as the fragrance of rain feeding the parched soil fills you in. 
Book your slot and lets get dirty 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mountain Quest 2018 - Time To Refresh Your Sight

Uttarakhand the ‘Dev Bhoomi’ is endowed with awesome natural beauty and calm serenity of the majestic Himalayas. They have studded snow covered mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, holy rivers, flora and fauna.
Experience 5 night package, self-drive,  get away from your daily routine. Cuddle yourself in the nature while doing an easy drive through the Kumaon region.
During this road trip you will get to explore Muktheswar, Nachani, Darchula and Mount Abbott.  Destinations are rich in natural bounties, presenting sights to soothe your eyes.
29 March - Arrive at Delhi NCR (only for outstation participants)
30 March - Delhi NCR - Muktheswar
31 March - Muktheswar - Nachani
01 April -   Nachani - Darchula
02 April -  Darchula - Abbott Mount
03 April -  Abbott Mount
04 April -  Abbott Mount - Delhi NCR
Muktheswar & Nachani - In tents
Darchula & Abbott Mount - In local hotels
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
INR 18,000/- per pax
Contact Details:
Western Motorsports - +91 98280 12786