Thursday, July 19, 2018

Moto Dangal Season 3 - Three Days To Start Line

By Praveen

No matter how great the success is, 
The count starts with ONE. 
The first step, the first dare
The first failure, the first achievement!
No matter how great the success is, 
It's always just a milestone. Because ahead us is another!
But what it is got to do with us??
Nothing! One might say.
Because, we are just a bunch of adrenaline junkies. 
Who got another adrenaline race event for you??!!
That's true, but just the half of it.....
Our event 'Moto Dangal' is not just for the pro-motorcyclist, 
Its an opportunity for the seekers, 
A ground for the daredevils to be discovered.
A ground to watch, a ground to teach. 
A ground to learn and a ground to grow!
Its a ground that treats everyone alike. 
Here, to this ground, you are not a pro or a novice,
Not a man, woman or a machine.
Just a rival, who will either conquer or be vanquished!

Register here to participate - Three days to go for start line

Motorsports Photography Contest - Moto Dangal Season 3

Season 3 of Moto Dangal, an endurocross track race, invites all budding photographers to join motorsports photography competition on 22nd July 2018.

You are permitted to use professional cameras, pro-consumer cameras and even mobile phones.

The photographs must be taken at the venue of Moto Dangal season three, an enduro-cross track race. And the photographs must be related to the event.

All photographs clicked during the event must be uploaded to instagram. To qualify for shortlisting as best photographs you must use all of the following hashtags


Registration for Motorsports Photography Competition will be open at the venue at 0700 AM of 22nd July 2018.

Venue - NSR Farm, Near Thikhariya Toll, Bagru,  Jaipur. Rajasthan.

Use the QR code for location finding.

For further details contact - +91 9828403242

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hausala Ho To Mushkilen Kya Hai - Moto Dangal Season 3

By Praveen

Here I came with little,
Left with much more.
And in between,
I battled against the odds,
My own limitations..

This is .....
The winner of women category at Moto Dangal Season 2.

So why wait?
UN-LIMIT your potential..
Moto Dangal Season 3 Awaits YOU !

Register Today

Friday, July 13, 2018

Workshop For Motorsports Enthusiast This Sunday

Image courtesy rScrambler

Western Motorsports believes in building a strong motorcycle community of skilled riders. In continuation of its belief, Western Motorsports is organising free workshops for motorsports enthusiasts. One such workshop will be held on 15th July (Sunday). The workshop will cover: 

Motorcycle repair DIY: Key components of motorcycle and their basic functions. Commonly faced technical glitches. Detecting and repairing the faulty parts. Proper and timely maintenance.     
Fitness Tips: Specific exercises and proper fitness goals for the riders. Common Stretches while riding. Role of water and strict diet to stay fit while on ride.

Register before or on 14th July 2018, for more details, contact us on +919001012786.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

You Got Speed, We Got Hurdles & Trophy - Moto Dangal Season 3

Season three of Moto Dangal "Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses" scheduled on 22nd July 2018 is an endurocross track race. 

The highlight of this season is that you stand a chance to win the Dangal Kesari trophy.  This is given to Overall winner of season three and will be based on points system. 

Do I need to register for this category?


How does the points system work?

Top 5 ranker of each class of competition will be evaluated as per their position in a format given below.

Position 1                    100
Position 2                    80
Position 3                    60
Position 4                    40
Position 5                    20

There are five classes in an event and each class has six participants (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 & R6). The event comes to its end, producing following results, class vise. 

Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
1st (100)
2nd (80)
3rd (60)
4th (40)
5th (20)
No. of classes: 5
No. of riders: 6(R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 & R6)

Each rider will be rewarded with points as per the prescribed format. Points for each class will be added for final score.
R1 = 300 (80+100+40+40+40)
R2 = 280 (100+60+60+0+60)
R3 = 160 (40+0+20+80+20)
R4 = 300 (20+20+80+100+80)
R5 = 380 (60+80+100+40+100)

Based on total score, an overall champion will be chosen.
P1                    R5 (Overall Champion)
P2                    R1
P3                    R4
P4                    R2
P5                    R3

What are the conditions for entry into Dangal Kesari consideration?

A class of competition must encompass minimum of 5 participants for consideration in points evaluation.  

What happens if there is a tie?

In case of tie, the overall champion will be decided by a ‘Knock Down’ where the tied racers will race against each other for one final round of 5 Laps.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Moto Dangal Season 3 - Early Entry Participant List

Early entry for Moto Dangal season 3 "Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses" was closed on 5th July 2018. 

As on this date we received 42 entries which includes 8 entries from women riders. 

Registration for Moto Dangal Season 3 will be open until 21 July 05:00 PM with standard entry fee of Rupees 1200/-

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Off-Road Riding Lessons On Moto Dangal Track

Western Motorsports is conducting off-road riding lessons on the Moto Dangal track. The session will be held on 08 July 2018 between 0700-1000 AM. 

This is the second session to be conducted leading to Moto Dangal "Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses". Moto Dangal is an endurocross track race on 22nd July 2018. 

In the last session of off-road riding lessons saw 25 attendees riding various models of motorcycles of different capacities. The off-road session was conducted by Digvijay 'DeeJay'Singh and Anukraman. 

All riders went through one hour of theory class learning the basics of sitting, standing and recovery positions. They also learn't on controlling the speed in accordance to different obstacles and jumps. 
Later, each individual riders practiced on the Moto Dangal track under the supervision of experienced riders from Western Motorsports & Jeypore Bike Riders. 

The last session also had photography lessons for budding photographers. Photography session was conducted by Bhuvan Gaur, a team member of Western Motorsports and a professional photographer. 
Around 10 photographers participated in this session and learn't the finer points of sports photography. 

On 8th July 2018, second session of Off-Road riding lessons will by conducted at the same venue as previous session. This session will also have a short course on physical fitness for off-road riders.  Off-Road riding requires both stamina and mental strength to get you through the difficult terrain. You body is required to be flexible and at the same time have the strength to handle your motorcycle and the terrain. 

Register your interest by calling the number mentioned above in the picture on or before 07 July 2018. 

Real strength of the riders is not to duck the storm, but to ride through it.