Saturday, October 23, 2010

JK Tyre The Monsoon Ride 2010

Work had begun on The Monsoon Ride'10 right after ATV Challenge ’09. I was on recce almost whole year, on all my tours out of Jaipur I did look out for some interesting tracks. Before starting the road book I had done more than 5000 kms of recce and the route had turned out to be amazing. We had almost every geographical feature you can think of in this part of country and terrain to run a rally on but we could not settle in for a route as something or the other kept arising. First we had the Gurjar Andolan, we adjusted the route but Kms shot up, no lunch venue around the track…. It became a never ending process.

Amidst all this I suffered a heavy blow on personal front lost my mother and life came to a standstill. There was vaccum.... still it is there and will always be there.

Thanks to family and friends, was pushed out of the shell and was back to business on the wheel. After some more recce finally we had everything set; but some days before the rally on a recce with Video team came to know a huge wash off in the track due to heavy rains the whole axis of the route changed for first leg and had to do a change which I would never love to do, repeat of track, as there was no time left for fresh recce to be conducted. Road book was to be done again and on every trip for the road book there was a wash off in the section finally I had some welcome help from Mr. Yogesh Kalro. Somehow we managed to have a road book just a day before the rally.

Beside all these hiccups we did have everything in our favor, good sound backing of our sponsor’s mentors, patrons and above all the Participants. The Monsoon Ride ’10 was again sponsored by JK Tyre, Pink City Restaurant and Innovative Web Technologies. Nitro Power was a new addition to our sponsor list. Rally had a very good support from media also.

Participation is the axis around which an event goes, by god’s grace we were well placed, we had 88 registrations and we had to say no to more than 10 participants. Thanks to the participants and sponsors for having faith in us.

How can i forget my team to thank, Without whose support it wouldn't have been possible to conduct the RIDE. Hats off the team which kept taking pressure off me and made it a smooth run.

WESTERN MOTORSPORTS begins with "WE" this says it all.

Anukraman Singh COC Western Motorsports