Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tour de Thar 2017 - Date announcement

Western Motorsports announces its next major expedition, the 'Tour de Thar' , a winter ride in sands of Thar desert.

Tour de Thar expedition would commence on 24th December and end on 29th December 2017.

Watch this space for more details in coming days.

For early birds, you could confirm your space by calling +91 9001012786

Friday, September 8, 2017

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Moto Dangal - Photo Glimpse

After a run on the track

Over the hurdle


Through the 8

Through the 8

Love to fly

Briefing the race marshals

Competitors at registration desk
Competitors at registration desk
Competitors line up

Moto Dangal - Enduro In The Sand

Moto Dangal - Enduro In The Sand

Praveen Chourey

We claimed that Moto Dangal shall challenge you with a track that is designed to make you fall. We stayed true to our words.

Be it a beginner, novice, experienced or professional biker, all found a track that would unsettle their balance. They had to coerce the machine to navigate through the hurdles keeping in tandem with speed. They slipped where we anticipated and also where they hadn’t anticipated. It was all a game of speed control and tactful manoeuvring.

Every obstacle of Moto Dangal, be it a ramp, slush or hairpin turn, treated every bike and participant without prejudice. Moto Dangal witnessed the professionals fall and fail, novice making it with their will and passion to tame the track.

Excitement, childlike enthusiasm, anxiety, apprehensions, fear and thrill to compete were the common sentiments one could find written on every competitor of Moto Dangal, during a walk-through inspection of the track along with race marshals. We wish, we could measure the adrenaline fuelled rush while the competitors took a walk of the virgin Moto Dangal track.

The atmosphere at Moto Dangal track was electrifying. The competitors and their supporters started to enter the arena. Soon the registration desk was buzzing with competitors confirming their start up positions and with on the spot registration for the race. Registration desk officials were kept busy till the prizes were distributed and track site was wound up.

Moto Dangal, as promised, competitors were challenged in the categories in classes up to 200 cc, 200-500 cc, Royal Enfield (RE), Scooter, Women Moto (Motorcycle), Women Scooter and JBR Class (The marshals of the event come from, biking arm of WM, Jeypore Bike Riders and they had their own race).

Moto Dangal organisers were in for a surprise, one participants travelling from places like Delhi and Baroda to participate another surprise being female participation. Female biker participation not only out-numbered our expectations but also left us in awe by the choice of bikes they were on – India’s iconic bike ‘the Royal Enfield’. None of the female competitors backed off after seeing the Moto Dangal track. They rather took upon the challenge with a competitive gusto despite the visible struggle. This followed a true sense of achievement after completing the designated two laps. These female warriors on bikes not only won podium standings but also the respect of other competitors and organisers.

Amidst this electrifying atmosphere, there also was an apprehension hovering over Moto Dangal organisers – CLOUDS. Moto Dangal was designed with a slush section and two water pits, and our fear was rain Gods converting the entire track into one huge slush pit. Thankfully the clouds kept hovering all day long only to keep harsh sun away and momentary drizzle to keep us on our toes.

After nearly 12 hours of eventful day at Moto Dangal, every one of us, the competitors, the supporters, the spectators and the Moto Dangal team finally left for our homes – few as winners, few humbled, few inspired – but each one of us left BETTER and STRONGER.