Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our experience at The Monsoon Ride - 2009

By :- Smita Saxena with co-driver Amrit Bhullar winner of 3rd position in JK Tyre - The Monsoon Ride 2009 in women’s category.

The participation happened with a great support from Anukraman President of Western motorsports and his team who helped us out at all stages as the event coordinator and host to the

Western Motorsports JK Tyre Monsoon Ride Event 2009

Well it was indeed an all together different, wonderful and an outwardly first time experience The event started for us on 4th July when we started from Delhi to Jaipur at 6.00 am .The drive from Delhi to Jaipur with Amrit was the first highway experience of our own and we enjoyed the drive and reached Jaipur by 10.30 AM..

On reaching Jaipur we reached the venue for the rally assemblage . Later we went for our papers to be filed in yes this was a slightly long process as our papers were not complete. Here I would advice that proper instructions should be issued to new entrants for helping them in their paperwork as they are new to the system.

It was after the paper scrutiny we got the kit along with stickers from sponsors etc and stuck them up on our car so our Wagon R was looking quite smart and cool ....... the car scrutiny demanded the change of the spare tyre this took us some time and thus we missed the briefing for the rally.

Any way Anukraman and Yatin did explain us about the briefing part. And that called for the day of 4th July.

So on 5th we were to report at 4.30 A.M. the rally was to be flagged off at 6 am,

It was a beautiful morning the sun rising over the advent of the sport event. The best thing about this rally was that this rally was a TSD format…. so it was up to us to calculate the speed in order to cover the specified distance in stipulated time……and the tip given was to adhere to the speed given. This format was a fun task, as we had to keep track of time and as well as it was relatively safe. Adding to it, there were checks in between the route, so that one does not get lost. It was difficult in an intellectual way and that’s why along with men, there were so many women participants.

My Wagon R ready to roll for the Rally

The other aspect was the drive.........that was planned for Bhangarh fort as break point the route was really a very nice one it took us through wildness of rubble road for 10 kms and rest was tarmac.

It was really beautiful to be in the midst of Aravalli range with no one around as there was a time gap between two competitors so they were not overtaking each other and hence we were driving all alone amongst the mountains , farm lands, and a part of it being sand dunes as well and kacha roads and stones also. The route on which we traveled was not one usually goes through, so it was so new and picturesque.There were small villages throughout the leg…and we even remember how village children waved us when we passed through one.

Few forts were also seen on top of the hills all that was very amazing in form and size and we enjoyed the drive too...the leg 1 was pretty simple and we finally reached Bhangarh fort.

Bhangarh Fort was a good assemblage of monuments……. if one can go back in time in such monuments it is quite interesting to imagine how people actually must have lived and how the area would have been with all its populace and now at this moment of time how they lie abandoned and speak of the times past gone..........

The second leg started for us at 12.15 and here the speed to be maintained was 40 kmph and here they created some confusing loops for us and u know what I did...............

As we were losing time and going in wrong directions I sped up my car and got my car stuck in a small ditch in a bad way............. by chance there was a tc and many people from the organizers team were around so they literally picked up my car and helped me being out of that ditch......... thanks to them,

At the end of it we had no idea how we had performed nor had an idea whether we could cover the previous minutes as well in second leg or not ............ well otherwise our coordination was pretty good, in order to find out our way... so that was it..

Later we went for prize distribution and imagine what…….

We bagged the third prize in the women’s category............that was great indeed being there for the first time and being on stage as well…..

Well the whole experience was very adventurous and an achievement in itself and definitely different ............. and participating in the rally was also absolutely new. experience...........

We really liked the drive ....lovely landscapes and views ..... with total mathematical action packed TSD format.........and very safe and challenging as well..................

Good competitors around.........

And very supportive and helpful team of organizers……Anukraman President of Western motorsports and his team did a good job.... and all of them were looking thoroughly worked out............this shows the hard toil in order to make the event a success for all. Congratulations to them for organizing an action packed motor sport movement with a beautiful drive and thrilling moments.

We would surely make up for other events like this again ………..

Smita Saxena

Amrit Bhullar

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Monsoon Ride 2009

So friends we are finally through with the "The Monsoon Ride 2009". This was the first event we did under the banner Western Motorsports. Earlier we did an event for an NGO, but this is the one which we all toiled for day n night.

The credit for the success of the event goes to Mr. Yatin Gupta and Mr. Raj Singh. Yatin is the guy who was on the computer 24*7 working on every thing forms documents everything and it was same for Raj but on the cell phone either sending some sms or breifing people abt the event. I would also like to thank Mr.Anirban Mandal and Miss Shalini Alok Singh for getting grilled in the proceedings. Its very true without them the event was not possible. I wanted to say these words at the time of the Prize Distribution ceremony but could not as not a good and seasoned orator. At the time of the event running each and every official gave his best go and the results are there to be seen, the hard work is always paid off well.

Would like to thank JK Tyres for all the did in very short span of time and for such a new group and event, hope we did the event well.

And there was the big brother Northern Motorsport : Mr.Jayesh Desai, Mr.Sudev Brar, Mr.Philip George, Mr.Bharat Upadhyay, Mr.Deepak Baluja, Mr.Rahul Dutt who helped us out with the equipment, with the know how, they were there every where to support us and didn't let anything go wrong, from the word go, in the true sporting spirits. I feel they have set a standard which should be maintained always and every where in the sport.

I would also like to thank Mr.Shashi Garcha from FMSCI who was the Steward for the event and helped us to the fullest.

The support from the participants which made the success story was unbelievable. There were the participants coming from all over the country. The zeal the passion for the sport was booming. Some participants were there who had cut across their league of extreme and participated in a TSD event which is all together a different ball game that shows their sporting spirit.

The Sun has risen for Western Motorsports, we keep it shining it in full glory and beeming, basking in its full glory.

The event started on 4th July and finished on 5th July, 4th was the scrutiny for documents and vehicles. In the evening a press conference along with the competitor briefing was held and the days proceedings were culminated with the ceremonial flag off by Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh ji MVC, Jaipur. Maharaja Sahib being a military man was early as his usual self best. Maharaja Sahib himself is a big sport which he showed by coming for the event despite being not in best of health, he had to go for a medical check up the very next day.

Next day the proceedings started as early as 0430 hrs as the line-up, was scheduled for then, which we in our technical language call "PARC FERME". The real action started at 0615 hrs with the first car flagged off. Everything went off smoothly and the rally reached destination for end of leg 1, Bhangarh. Till Bhangarh it was easy going, but the participants didn't know what laid in store for them ahead. Lunch packets were provided to all and here we faulterd as we had not arranged for water, apologies straight from the heart, next time it will taken care off in better way.

The leg 2 started at 1215 hrs, rally heading direction Jaipur and almost every body was caught with an eye candy, here a TC don get me wrong, rather correct. A tc Tc was placed in such a manner where the participants would see and forget the track and enter the TC leaving the track and another one was placed so that they get a penalty for wrong order entry into the TC and the plan fired well all were caught unaware, the target was achieved, what a satisfaction it gives when a plan is made and implemented and the desired results come out. This is the punch line of Western Motorsports "Execution to Perfection".

The rally ended without a single mishap with gods grace and not a single protest was there.

Winners of The Monsoon Ride -2009

Download the winners list from here

Last but not the least thanks to almighty for bestowing his blessings on us.

Anukraman Singh
Western Motorsports