Saturday, April 28, 2018

Thrills You Seek, Monsoon Sojourn By Western Motorsports

Thrills You Seek, Monsoon Sojourn By Western Motorsports

Kick start me. Wake me and take me away on a long ride. Show me what it feels like to have wind whooshing past me. Let the rain slide over my chrome and the mud soil it. Take me away and let me feel that there is heaven on earth. 

That’s the silent prayer of your motorcycle to you. 

Monsoon Sojourn from 11 to 15th August 2018, is offering you the opportunity to fulfil that silent prayer. An opportunity for you and your bike to travel through the lush green backlands of Rajasthan. A exploration away from the highway and into the remote. Monsoon Sojourn just doesn’t offer you a ride through the backlands; you get to know the ancient history, culture and local delicacies combined with the friendly hospitality from WM team.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Take Me Away - Monsoon Sojourn Presented By Western Motorsports

Take Me Away - Monsoon Sojourn From The Stables Of Western Motorsports

Let the monsoon take you away on a long winding route mesmerising you into a trance.

Be part of this "take me away" mesmerising road trip.

Call now - +91 9001012786 and book your road trip. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This Monsoon Find Your True North - Monsoon Sojourn

Monsoon Sojourn From Western Motorsports - Find Your True North

This Monsoon, ready your gear for a ride in the rain. Prepare yourself for a long ride on the wet and muddy routes. Feast your eyes with the beautiful scenery and stop for a hot cup of tea.

This is the perfect getaway, no work pressure, for a clear mind and friends for company. 

Western Motorsports presents Monsoon Sojourn from 11 to 15th August 2018

For more details, call +919001012786

Friday, April 20, 2018

Live In The Moment And Make It Beautiful - Monsoon Sojourn

It is said that those who love to drive and those who look at the map after reaching a point, would never need to seek a therapist. 

Such are these people; they find time to take a break from the rut of life "roti, kapada & makaan".  It is a passion from them to seek bliss in the lap of mother nature and witness the natures seasonal change. As the rain showers, washing away all the dust, accumulated during the summer, whilst bringing life to its green, they smile. For they live in the moment and witness the beauty of nature. 

Break the chains that has tied your passion. Let your passion for once take over you. Live in the moment and make best of the journey. You will realise you don't need a therapist.

Monsoon Sojourn is for such; who never need to seek a therapist. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Whatever You Call It - Monsoon Sojourn

Monsoon Sojourn 2018 Announcement

Has the time squeezed out the passion ? Remember the times when rainy days were your favourite. when you saddled your bike zig and zagged along the muddy fields with your friends. Never to care how wet & dirty you got nor for the metalled road. Bring that smile back on you, re-passion yourself as the fragrance of rain feeding the parched soil fills you in. 
Book your slot and lets get dirty