Sunday, June 12, 2011

…stepping up for an adventure

Finally, the day for which I was waiting for past few months arrived. I remember when our seniors told us about their experience at Western Motorsports, how they worked day & night, their learning and all. The same day I thought that such kind of experience will be a good way to test my abilities, to go for an adventure and to enjoy the Real Motor Rally, I had just seen such kind of rallying on some sports channel but seeing the real event with my eyes will be just amazing.

I remember the day when Anukraman Sir came to our college with his team members and gave a briefed all of us followed by a small aptitude test. Those questions were so easy that sometime it made us feel that is this really they want to ask us or we are misinterpreting the questions, but when in last they discussed those questions answers with us it made us chuckle on our own mistakes. But got a lesson with the same that never take life too seriously, sometime solution can be found much more easily no need to make things complicated in your life.

Day after that we were called for a small get-together with the team Western Motorsports and 6 of us went together at the meeting spot from where we all were taken to the place which was a surprise for us. Wooooow!!!!! It was the damn track, full of muddy soil, we were not able to drive our bikes properly in that soil, but it was giving a feel like “YES” this is the place where we want to come again and again and can ride our bikes however we like. The muddy soil was giving a feel of a dirt racer to us. Anukraman Sir also briefed us about, how the whole process works, he told us about the importance of selection of routes for the racing track and how traffic moves. It was a great experience. Waiting enthusiastically for the great event to start and to be part of that event….

Thursday, June 9, 2011

JK Tyre The Monsoon Ride - A Journey

In its 3rd year JK Tyre The Monsoon Ride ‘2011 is an event organized by Jaipur based Western Motorsports, a group of young Motorsport enthusiasts. Who aim at not only encouraging other enthusiasts to promote motorsports through their participation but also promote the long forgotten historical places of Rajasthan and adventure tourism. JK Tyre The Monsoon Ride is a T(Time) S(Speed) D(Distance) rally event where participants are judged on their skills of managing these factors in the event and score the least of penalties while travelling on the prescribed route. The event attracts participation from all over the country and has become a major event in motor sport calendar of India.

1st JK Tyre The Monsoon Ride 09 was an event of 180kms, organised in two parts. The first leg started from the magnificent Jal Mahal crossing through the historic Amber fort to the Haunted fort of Bhangarh. The rally drew attention towards Pratapgarh, Ajabgarh and haunted fortified town of Bhangarh. The event continued to its second phase from Bhangarh back to the Pink City Restaurant which in itself is a historical place enroute Raisar and Ramgarh . The main attraction of the second leg was the Jalebi loops as it also tried the participant's Tulip (Road Book) reading skills. The event was divided into 4wheel and 2 wheel category. In total there were 52 entries of which 50 took part and 48 finished the rally. As this event saw a culmination of hard core Rallyists and novices, the event turned out to be a huge success which not only brought a lot of positive vibe and encouragement, but also promises of future participation for the coming years.

30th July 2010 dawned with a promise of more participation for the 2nd JK Tyre Monsoon Ride '10. It was a 3 day event which was flagged off from the magnificent Jal Mahal on the 01st of August and finish at the Angara discotheque, Jaipur where the results would be declared. The event was flagged off by his Late His Highness Maharaja Bhawani Singh ji of Jaipur. The encouragement of the previous year’s event had Western Motorsports make their event more adventurous and challenging. The participants this time had a stretch of 300kms of the beautiful Aravali to cover but they had to battle through the rocky roads, dig and force their machines through heavy monsoon made mud puddles and deep water sloshes. This time the event was a really challenging affair for all participating vehicles as it could be seen by the end of day the beating each had taken to overcome the challenge. This time the event had exposed it's participants to a rougher challenges that would be coming up with the RIDE in the years to follow. The event was a new experience for the previous year's participants as well as the new ones who were competing for the first time. So, it ended with a promise of the unexpected for the event to come up in 2011.
3rd JK Tyre The Monsoon Ride 2011 being held from 29th July to 31st July, is once again going go through the beautiful Aravali Range and showcase the nostalgic effect of Monsoon on the Desert state. 29th and 30th July will have pre event activities with press conference on 29th July and on 30th July will have competitor’s briefing and ceremonial flag off with Vehicle and Document Scrutiny on both the days. 31st July will be Rally Day starting with picturesque Jal Mahal in background. The Ride will hosted in a grand manner with grand beautiful venues, photographers from abroad covering it, event going live on international automobile portals, lot more trophies to be taken home and more. It will be a real test of navigation skill and patience. Driving in controlled speeds which are also going to put up a challenge for driver in the back roads of Rural Jaipur. In total the rally will cover around 250 kms. To promote motor sport and adventure tourism in Rajasthan a Trophy for locals has been introduced called JEYPORE CUP, for the first timers at the rally there is a ROOKIE CUP and to have more and more women participating and showcase the women power a new trophy for BEST COUPLE also has been introduced along with pre-existing ALL WOMEN category.

The categories and trophies for the event are
1. Over All 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Four Wheelers.
2. All Women 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Four Wheelers.
3. Over All 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Two Wheelers.
4. Best Couple in Four Wheelers.
5. Best Couple in Two Wheelers.
6. Rookie Cup in Four Wheelers.
7. Rookie Cup in Two Wheelers.
8. Jeypore Cup in Four Wheelers.
9. Jeypore Cup in Four Wheelers.
10. Anhimanyu Award for youngest participant in the event.
11. John Singh Award for contribution and achievement in Motor Sport by a person from Rajasthan.

In the event awareness for water harvesting and plantation will also be raised by distributing relevant material to the participants, visitors and people on route.

Hope to see you at the Ride!!

Pael Basu

for details visit

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Monsoon Ride: What to expect this year?

Ever since we conceptualized this signature event of ours, we had always one thing in mind that we have to offer something unique each time. A lot of hard work and toil has been put in to bring this event this far and we are still trying our best to give all the competitors an experience of a lifetime.

Whenever you create something, you are bound to make mistakes and that’s how you learn. The last two editions of the event can be categorized under the term “learning curve”. Some mistakes and some unfortunate happenings by gods grace made us learn that when you are running an event, “perfection” has to be the key.

This year, we are trying to put in all those lessons, which we have learnt over the years to give all the participants something worth remembering. This time JK-Tyre The Monsoon Ride 2011 is going to be trickier, shorter and far more technical. With some new categories for novices and for those who live at the home place of Western Motorsports, Jaipur, and also for couples to boost up the number of female participants.

While you are on the track, if you get lost or miss a TC, don’t be surprised because you are bound to make mistakes. Tulip reading would be something that you need to practice again and again before coming to the event. Always remember that mathematics is your best friend if you are planning to give a shot at TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) rallying.

The registration forms for the event would be available on the official website from 15th May 2011 and also keep checking our official Facebook page through which we are trying to paint Facebook, yellow :P

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Official's Life

As we set out from Delhi to reach Hotel Pink City, driving in our Gypsy with Anirban on the wheel, hardly did we know the challenges that Monsoon had set for the participants of “The Monsoon Ride 2010”. Apprehensions are always there in the beginning of any event; this year’s main concern was the rain. Monsoon had come announced in true sense, turning the ride to Jaipur into a lush green stretch of beautiful trees and undergrowth. When we reached Jaipur, the weather was pleasant and refreshing; there were signs of heavy rainfall but none at the present. It was nearly past midnight, the Jal Mahal stood elegantly lit with the water surrounding sparkling in its reflection. We reached the hotel and were settled in our room, already pre-allocated for the officials. I hurried off to sleep, preparing for the next day’s activity, while Anirban hung around with Govind ji, Yogesh sir and Yatin discussing the plan for scrutiny to follow the next day.
On the 30th of July, I woke up to a not so sunny morning. Instructions had been sent with the bed tea that we were all to report down by 8 ‘O’ clock in hall downstairs. At breakfast we met the Official team for the first time. Yatin briefed us of the duties that had been allocated, and I was lone in charge of the document scrutiny to be later joined by Shalini. After familiarizing me with my crew of 5, we set up our tables with the required documents, cards, tags, boxes and papers. Shalini soon joined us. Today was the day for the local participants to get their documents and vehicle scrutiny complete. Participants started turning up, but the turnover did not seem as intense as we started. There was a lovely wind blowing outside, no heat, the weather was befitting for us to sit back and enjoy the monsoon feeling and with the less turnover from participants we did have time to stare out at the lobby and exclaim at the beauty outside. By the afternoon we got busy with the participants pouring in. At times our table was a chaos, while we persuaded participants the importance of their missing documents and insurance. There were others waiting and in hurry to get through the document scrutiny and get to the vehicle scrutiny so that they could get all complete if any requirement was lacking. Evening 6’O’ clock saw us wrapping up having finished with the document scrutiny for the last person of the day. The numbers on the sheet including two and four wheelers had reached some 30’s only. That left us expecting a swarming turnover we might face the next day, as the outsiders were yet to arrive and a some of locals who had to turn up for re-scrutiny. Tired and hungry, i was off to bed by 10 after updating every one of the current data.
July 31st was not a sunny day as well. The sky looked pale, cold wind blowing, from the beginning it looked like it would rain. We were back at our desks by 9am. Few participants had already gathered and queued up for their scrutiny as we settled down. Today was the day for the participants outside Jaipur to complete their document and vehicle formalities. The day was scheduled to be action packed as it also held the ceremonial flag off in the evening followed by the pre-event press conference. It was going to be a very busy day. Today since morning participants had already started arriving in ones, twos and in packs. Hands were moving fast to cover up the extending queue of participants who had gathered and still arriving. Brief explanations were being given to participants and referred to the supplementary regulations for any information they required. Important instruction were being pinned up on the side board to avoid queries that could be gathered through them. The scrutiny team was on a roller coaster ride from the very beginning trying to accommodate all queries, checks and even help for the clueless participants, when it came to insurance, FMSCI license and completion of their documents. Track had to be kept that all received their id cards, meal coupons and certificates before they left the scrutiny desk. Amidst all this confusion and chaos monsoon played its worst cards for the officials that day. It started pouring cats and dogs by 10:30am in the morning. Participants were arriving drenched with news of others stuck en-route due to rain. Participants had to wait to get their documents photocopied from the shop outside or reach the insurance office to collect their required vehicle insurance, to help them avail the FMSCI license. With more numbers pouring in, advancement of work was getting stalled while more piled up. So went the proceedings the entire day, it was past 8 in the evening when we finally wrapped up at the document scrutiny. The flag-off had taken place and so had the press conference amidst the rain and a little sun in the evening. But the scrutiny people hardly knew anything. Pre dinner all officials were briefed about their TC locations and the chain of events to follow next day to make the Monsoon Ride a success. All queries were answered and a GPS, Data sheet and Road book was handed over to each TC team. All officials were to report at Jal Mahal at 3am the next day for their TC placement. A long and busy day was ending, preceding another long day. It was nearly midnight and the next day was to start early for all of us, everyone retired to their rooms to grab some sleep before they reported for duty.
1st of August 2010, it was 3 AM at night. Having collected our breakfast, we stickered our Gypsy and loaded it, we set out to reach Jal Mahal for the Official line up. 4 AM, all official vehicles followed Sudev sir. Having placed TC2, as the convoy moved on, one of the official vehicle, an Accent got stuck in the mud. The terrain for the event included rocky paths, as well as slush. Here, the previous day’s rain had loosened the soil beneath a small bridge we were supposed to cross and thus the car tyres had sunk in and the thorny bushes had punctured a tyre. Our Gypsy thus stayed back to help while Sudev Sir moved on with the rest of the convoy, leading them to their allocated TCs. Though we managed to get the car out of the slush and the tyres had to be replaced before it moved on, the WM MEDIA TEAM who had followed us in their hired Innovas got stuck in the same slush. Word was sent with the now, running fine Accent for help. The route had to be cancelled and a fresh start now had to be given. After re-lining up all vehicles as Govind ji gave a fresh start to the competition, Anirban and I went on recce to make sure that the 2nd half of Leg2 was in a motor able condition for the participants to pass through. The road seemed fine and having reported that to Govind ji, we were placed at our TC by Sudev Sir, for Leg2 of the competition soon after lunch time. No sooner than an hour had passed before Mr. Raju Verma, whizzed in to our TC in his Gypsy. Soon the others followed in their four wheelers and two-wheelers. All had passed our TC in an hour and a half time. The sweep team arrived not much later and we started our journey back to the hotel.
We then reached Angara discotheque where results were being calculated and prize distribution was to take place. Results were being calculated at the Angara, the participants were all present there. They looked tired but everybody had the look of anxiety, eager to know their stand in the competition. There was a constant buzz and every now and then a participant would come up and ask how long it would be before the results would be out. Finally, the wait was over as the results were hung up on the board with 30 minutes time for any objection by the participants on their individual scores. There was a lot, however amidst all the objections, explanations, happiness and sadness, the results were declared final. Prizes were distributed and the event came to an end with a closing speech by Govind ji.
It had been a tiring run of events. I was drained of all energy; my love for sleep was catching up. I had dinner and Anirban drove a sleepy me back to the hotel. 2nd August, the event was over but the essence still seemed to run in all of us, we had emerged another year old, a bit more experienced. We knew our shortcomings and our advantages. We had already started planning for the next year, implementing ideas to overcome our fall backs and building on our positives. A small group of us, who had not yet left the venue, sat in our room, drawing the outlines for the TMR 2011, planning to handle the challenges which lay ahead of Western Motorsports…

Document Scrutineer.