Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Monsoon Ride '10

Western Motor Sports…. The Monsoon Ride 2010

Was really looking forward to The Monsoon Ride 2010…. Scheduled on 1st august 2010 after the win in 2009.

Right from the onset….the day began beautifully on 31st July… and as the ultimate drive tfrom Delhi to Jaipur had to begin… just discovered the teething troubles in my vehicle…. Amidst heavy rains in Delhi got my car rectified in time and some how left Delhi by 2.00 P. M. in the afternoon requesting the officials of Western Motorsports to accommodate us….

Well what a drive from Delhi to Jaipur just managed to report in time by 5.30 P.M. the stage was all set for the rally to happen the next morning at four….and met Shalini , Anirban , Pael , Yatin, Raj Singh Rathore , Anukraman , Praveen.. Mr.Mahaveer Singh Nathawat… and made many new friends…

A lovely morning dawned on 1st August 2010….we being contestant no 7 were flagged off accordingly

And then the Saga began…. Amrit and myself we're all set

to make a mark…. Working diligently on the road book and keeping track of the time , distance and of course the speed….

We did not miss a single chance to enjoy the lovely weather

…and the picturesque settings of Aravallis ….comparable to any of the hill stations with monsoon clouds touching the hills…. definitely with a unique character of their own.

The break near the third T.C. was also a nice unexpected experience…

and then soon we completed the first leg by missing an invisible 5th T.C. L ( still a mystery )

The things were going great and by 12 noon we had almost achieved our targets by half minute and completed 3three fourth of the rally ……. and were quite happy with ourselves…. And then the BANG happened in the off road section…. My dear car got hit by a stone …. Both ( the stone and the car )had hurt themselves…. The engine oil chamber broke down…. And all the oil was simply spilled over the off road section…..

Thanks to Siddharth and his colleague…. They helped us out by towing our car to the near by mechanic…..

Hmm…. the mechanic fellow in Pratapgarh promptly rectified our car { god bless him )….in 2 hours time… and then we could safely proceed to Jaipur…. But definitely missed the last 75 kms of The Monsoon Ride….

Well all is part of the game…. We had a wonderful time and The Monsoon Ride .

Thanks and Congratulations to the organizers for holding such a great event….

Looking forward to The Monsoon Ride 2011

Smita Saxena

Amrit Bhullar