Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What a RIDE it was...!!

J.K. TYRES THE MONSOON RIDE.... The word will keep echoing in my mind for so many time. Sweat,toil,Passion,Exuberance,fun,nuisance,colors,shocks and MONSOONS. This episode of Monsoon Ride had all hues that a typical Bollywood BLOCKBUSTER has. And Indeed it was nothing short of one.
It had drama. It had pain. It had shocks. It had colors. and We dont know though but It might had some romance as well.
I am associated with WESTERN MOTORSPORTS since its inception, some time in real and some time in soul. The Monsoon ride was the event when I was here with body and soul both. Though My contribution was limited to final event only, but I suppose I would be excused for taking credit of whatever I did.
WM created The Monsoon Ride considering all those enthusiasts who wish to enter Motorsports but have limitations of TIME,Experience and Money. Most of the events offered by MOTORSPORTS CLUB today are either of extreme category, involve 3-4 days or charge hefty fees from Participants. Western Motorsports begged to differ. And We proved it by THE MONSOON RIDE, which was for all. We are serving as training ground for MOTORSPORTS in India and We are proud of that.
J.K. TYRE Monsoon Ride had around 80 Entries out of which 50% were first timers.
The Monsoon which served participants with beautiful picturesque route also created havoc by washing off the route twice.
But hard work and team effort by TEAM WESTERN MOTORSPORTS didnt let the havoc reach participants.
Rally culminated in a smashing way with all participants having a gala time.
Prize distribution ceremony was organized in Angara Disco.
Rally culminated with flying colors and satisfaction on the faces of TEAM WESTERN MOTORSPORTS.
More than a Motor sport event It was a saga of human endeavor and Passion. It provided a platform for people to meet. Thousands of relationship were made and people departed with heavy hearts with a promise to meet again.
THANKs Western Motorsports for giving us opportunity to meet so many wonderful people at one platform..

Pradeep Singh Raghav