Sunday, June 12, 2011

…stepping up for an adventure

Finally, the day for which I was waiting for past few months arrived. I remember when our seniors told us about their experience at Western Motorsports, how they worked day & night, their learning and all. The same day I thought that such kind of experience will be a good way to test my abilities, to go for an adventure and to enjoy the Real Motor Rally, I had just seen such kind of rallying on some sports channel but seeing the real event with my eyes will be just amazing.

I remember the day when Anukraman Sir came to our college with his team members and gave a briefed all of us followed by a small aptitude test. Those questions were so easy that sometime it made us feel that is this really they want to ask us or we are misinterpreting the questions, but when in last they discussed those questions answers with us it made us chuckle on our own mistakes. But got a lesson with the same that never take life too seriously, sometime solution can be found much more easily no need to make things complicated in your life.

Day after that we were called for a small get-together with the team Western Motorsports and 6 of us went together at the meeting spot from where we all were taken to the place which was a surprise for us. Wooooow!!!!! It was the damn track, full of muddy soil, we were not able to drive our bikes properly in that soil, but it was giving a feel like “YES” this is the place where we want to come again and again and can ride our bikes however we like. The muddy soil was giving a feel of a dirt racer to us. Anukraman Sir also briefed us about, how the whole process works, he told us about the importance of selection of routes for the racing track and how traffic moves. It was a great experience. Waiting enthusiastically for the great event to start and to be part of that event….

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