Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Kiradu video

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Kiradu video

Bhinmal, famous for its Rajasthani ‘Mojri’, quality and workmanship of which is the best. Although the town is famous, It is comfortably tucked away in a corner untouched by the touristy activity. We made our way to Mochiwada, through the narrow lanes snaking and crisscrossing each other. Mochiwada is a small settlement of craftsmen who have been traditionally involved in making the Mojris. Women sitting on the doorsteps of their houses, knitting the patterns on Mojris, Men tucked away in the workshops besides the houses scraping and shaping leather into Mojris. In this age of machines and computers small settlements like these are keeping our traditions alive.

Crossing over the dry river bed of Luni was another highlight of this year's Tour-de-Thar. On a dark night, you are tired, hungry and the destination is still a couple of hours away. Half of the convoy is stuck on the dry river bed, surrounded by wilderness there is no one to help you out, just you and your buddies. It could be your worst nightmare or the best adventure, depending upon how you perceive it.

Camping in the courtyard of temple ruins added another feather in the list of beautiful places that we have camped all through different seasons of Tour-de-Thar. As the sun came up, the majesty of the Kiradu ruins was evident. The construction of the temples is so simple, yet they are standing tall even after a thousand years of wear and tear. The carvings were so intricate, detailed and beautiful hard to believe they were hand carved.

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