Friday, December 29, 2017

Tour de Thar 2017 - Day Five to Osian

Tour de Thar 2017 - Day Five To Osian

Tour de Thar 2017, enters into day five of its journey. Participants would reach Osian by evening. On their way they would visit the haunted village near Khaba, Rajasthan. At Osian they would camp in the dunes and the evening air filled with tunes and music played by 'Manganiyars'.  Manganiyars are hereditary folk music singers. Using simple instruments they belt out soulful folk music in Rajasthani language. It is hard not to swing to their tunes. 

On a camel ride
By the banks of water body

At Khudi Fort with Naval and the gang of TDT-ians

Beautifully restored window at Khudi

Band of TDT-ians

Naval finding his inner peace in wilderness
Waking up to the music with Digvijay Singh 'DeeJay' & Rithesh at Osian

Waking up to the soulful music being played to welcome the sunrise

Hot cup of chai, music and morning sunrise. That's life!

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