Sunday, November 4, 2018

Jeypore Bike Riders Go On OTR

Jeypore Bike Riders (JBR), the riding group of Western Motorsports go on a weekend off the road (OTR) ride on 3 November 2018. Group of seven riders, riding 4 Impulse, 1 Tiger, 1 Himalayan & 1 Apache 200R motorcycles left Jaipur to a place which we call wild cat. 

Autumn and winter are the best times in Rajasthan for outdoor adventure activities. The weather is cooler during the early mornings. This allows the riders of JBR to practice OTR and sharpen their skills.

Learning OTR riding skill is essential part of JBR. Every new member joining this riding group is required to complete certain number of rides under supervision of a senior rider. This is imperative, Rajasthan being a desert state and almost all rides organised by Western Motorsports have a dedicated section for off-roading.

Details of OTR ride

Distance travelled - approx 100 km out of which 75 km was country road and highway and 25 km was dry river bed ( extreme off road ) 

Highlight of OTR ride

Break downs happen during OTR and this is time when riders patience and skills comes to play.  

During this OTR, Tiger motorcycle's clutch plate worn out and fellow rider came to rescue. Getting the heavy bike out of the off-road stretch was a hard job.

This is a good example of riders brotherhood and bonding. 

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