Saturday, February 2, 2019

Moto Dangal Season Four 2019



The fourth edition of Moto Dangal "Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses" a track based enduro-cross race is scheduled for 3rd March, 2019 at WM Adventure Ranch, Bagru, Jaipur Rajasthan. 

This edition of Moto Dangal will have 16 race categories. Highlights of this season is introduction of Beginner (first timer) race category. This race category is open only to those who have never participated in any previous Moto Dangal.

Second highlight of this season is Outstation Class Open - this race category is only open to those living outside of Jaipur city. You will be required to show proof of the same to participate in this race category. 

Third highlight of this season is Outstation participant can avail free camping tent accommodation at the arena for the night before competition. 

Few new restrictions have been introduced this season. In race category up to 150cc - Hero Impulse and 2 stroke motorcycles have been restricted from participation.  Hero Impulse is now placed in a separate race category. Hero Impulse is also restricted from participating in race category Above 150cc to 225cc.

2 Stroke motorcycles is now placed in a separate race category - Up to 150cc 2 Stroke.

Likewise, RE Himalayan is restricted in race category Above 225-500cc & Royal Enfield.
RE Himalayan is now placed in separate race category. 

Novice Open - for entry into this race class, participant must not have attained a podium position (in any race class) of any previous Moto Dangal seasons. 

There is no restriction in number of entries a participant can fill out. However, your vehicle should confirm to the restriction of the race category. 

All photographs taken at day of competition and posted on social media to carry hashtags #motodangal #fastestacesfaster #westernmotorsports 

Participants can register on our website & pay the required amount as well. Moto Dangal Season 4 Registration Page Click Here

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