Saturday, July 31, 2010

& The Saga begins.....

J.K.Tyres The Monsoon Ride 2010 has finally begun. The headquarter of the event was buzzing with activity all day long. Sweat was flowing, from the bodies of officials and participants alike and humidity was not the only thing responsible for it.
The action which we all were waiting has finally begun.
Western Motorsport is a club which is flying on passion of people associated with it. This passion was vigilant in the first part of this saga. Passion was floating as heated arguments and sweat, only to make the event a perfect experience.
In the wee hours, when I am writing this post, I can see tired officials. sleeping with a content on their faces.
Am greatful to be part of this amazing saga of human endeavor, passion and sportsmanship. People have travelled 36 hours and are staying away from their dear ones to make this saga a success.
You might not relate with these words if you have never been part of this kind of event. But If you want to share this all with us,join our event, We are live on FACEBOOK. See us sail through the hardships of weather and see our passion through our posts.. I bet that you will feel adraline gushing through your nerves.