Friday, April 20, 2018

Live In The Moment And Make It Beautiful - Monsoon Sojourn

It is said that those who love to drive and those who look at the map after reaching a point, would never need to seek a therapist. 

Such are these people; they find time to take a break from the rut of life "roti, kapada & makaan".  It is a passion from them to seek bliss in the lap of mother nature and witness the natures seasonal change. As the rain showers, washing away all the dust, accumulated during the summer, whilst bringing life to its green, they smile. For they live in the moment and witness the beauty of nature. 

Break the chains that has tied your passion. Let your passion for once take over you. Live in the moment and make best of the journey. You will realise you don't need a therapist.

Monsoon Sojourn is for such; who never need to seek a therapist. 

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