Monday, May 21, 2018

Monsoon Sojourn 2018 - Backroads and rain beckon you.

Monsoon Sojourn 2018

Backroads and rains beckon you

Monsoon is a season best experienced outside. The weather adds a touch of adventure and romance to outdoor activities. Stay connected to the nature by joining Monsoon Sojourn in the month of August for a road trip. We travel through part of Mewar, Hadauti and majorly Waagad parts of Rajasthan. 

Monsoon Sojourn a ride to celebrate rains, is held every year around the Indian Independence day weekend. This road trip is open to both motorcycle and car/SUV. You get to navigate through the scenic backroads, through the most beautiful and offbeat locations. Some of these are best kept secret of tribal lands of Rajasthan. 

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