Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Challenges You Take, Podiums You Conquer - Moto Dangal Season Two

Winning the podium positions at Moto Dangal "the hurdle master" is huge for some. Definitely a huge title for others. 
Moto Dangal series has the best riders competing. Going against them and beating them is an amazing feeling. Many riders mentally prepare themselves for the track. All best laid plans are shaken up by the "hurdle master". With all the lows and highs for a rider, all that falls and slips, it is the sheer grit of the rider that takes them through the finish line. 
It is difficult to say you need to be consistent in a competitive series like Moto Dangal, but it is a good way to describe your podium standing of the season. Riders are required to push themselves to their limits to reach the top step of the podium. 
In high intensity short format like Moto Dangal creates way more action than any long format motorsport event. Everybody here is to win and things can quickly go really bad, especially when you crash in the pit and unable to get your bike back on stride. Moto Dangal is designed to sap your endurance. 
Moto Dangal track is made to suit both lighter 150 cc to heavier 350-500 cc motorbikes, even for scooters. Moto Dangal doesn't differentiate the gender of the rider. It all boils down to the riders skills and endurance to win the top steps of the podium. 

Second addition of 2018 Moto Dangal will be announced soon. Get ready to the challenges you take, podiums you conquer. We make it happen at Moto Dangal.

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