Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ten Things To Know About Season 3 Of Moto Dangal


Hurdle Master's - Battle Of Iron Horses

Unlike other motocross racing events, Moto Dangal does not categorise  racing classes as juniors, seniors and experts. We pride in classifying race classes according to engine CC. Keeping tune with the newer motorbikes in the market, few changes have been brought into the race categories. This would enable wider range of participation. 

1) 2018 season 3 of Moto Dangal - Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses - will feature one day enduro styled racing (22nd July 2018). There are upto 13 racing classes. Each racing class is restricted in relation to engine cc and in certain cases including or eliminate certain types of motorcycle product. Moto Dangal races are open to men and women from all over India. 

2) Unlike certain racing competitions, there are no warm up race days for participants. On the day of competition, riders will be allowed to inspect the track under track marshal's guidance. Hence it is important for all riders to complete their registration formalities before the start of track inspection. 

3) A competitor can participate in more than one class of race of the riders gender. Entry into additional class would entail additional class payment. 

4) The track - Moto Dangal has earned its name as Hurdle Master. This seasons track is longer than the previous seasons. It would be rough, tough and test your skills to the core. This season will see improved version of obstacles and part of it will be new. A section of the track will be used for scooter class (both male and female). 

5) Introduction of Novice class - This race class has certain restrictions. Winners of previous Moto Dangal seasons are not eligible to take part in this class. This includes any winning position of any race class. This class is open to both men and women riders. Type of vehicle permitted is motorcycle. 

6) Introduction of Foreign bikes class - This race class has certain restrictions. Only motorbikes like MX, SX, Enduro X, which are not sold commercially in India by the manufacturer are permitted in this race class. 

7) Introduction of class above 500 cc - This class is for motorbikes with higher engine cc. 

8) Introduction of Buggy & Quad class - This race class is restricted to Buggy & Quad type of vehicles. This class is open to both male & female. 

9) Introduction of Dangal Kesari trophy - Dangal Kesari is an overall winner trophy. It will be awarded based on points won by an individual rider. Points system has been detailed in Moto Dangal race manual. 

10) Maximum permissible time to complete and clear all obstacles is ten minutes. 

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