Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Women Moto At Moto Dangal Season 3

Women participation in Moto Dangal has come a long way since its inception in 2017. Moto Dangal is probably the first enduro-cross racing event in Rajasthan, India which has a class of race competition for women to participate in. 

Now in season 3 with the introduction of Novice class, women of the modern moto era have an entirely new offering of race class to showcase their abilities. 

Unlike other race classes, Novice class does not categories on the type of motorcycle you are riding. Any type of engine CC (motorcycle only) is permitted. Women riders benefit in two ways, one those who are new to the enduro-cross stand a chance to showcase their raw skills and possible podium positions. Secondly they benefit for no engine cc restrictions and can ride on the motorcycle they are comfortable with. With this Western Motorsports the organisers of Moto Dangal hope there would be wider participation of women bikers and thus creating an avenue for women riders an arena to showcase their passion for racing. 

Apart from Novice class, seasoned women race riders and enduro-cross aspirants can compete in Women Moto (motorcycle of any engine cc) & Women Scooter class of competition (geared or non geared). 

Season One - Podium winners

Women Moto                                                           Women Scooter
First - Gurmail Kaur                                                 First - Gurmail Kaur
Second -  Madavi Pilania                                         Second - Pooja Sharma
Third - Ankita Malhotra                                           Third - Tanviska Sharma

Season Two - Podium winners

Women Moto
First - Madavi Pilani
Second - Shubashmita
Third - Nupur Saxena

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