Friday, August 24, 2018

Royal Enfield Motorcycles Competing in Moto Dangal Season 3

The demands that Moto Dangal's enduro-cross puts on a motorcycle is severe. A standard heavy street motorcycle participating in this track race is laudable. A lot goes to say on the confidence and skill of the rider. 

Enduro-cross is the most rewarding and challenging type of event you can race. Moto Dangal has time and again proved wrong that heavier bikes can't complete the course. With every season we have seen an increase in number of heavy bikes participating in higher CC class. 

Most riding higher CC class bikes are contented in what they do, some however push and test the capabilities. If you are racing a higher CC motorcycle, these have higher inertia and weight, this makes them keep going forward. When these bike are in the right direction and technique is correct, you will be saddled. But when you need to change direction quickly or jump over an obstacle or brake suddenly, the bike will want to keep moving straight, that's where the strength of the rider comes to play. 

It is not just the strength, you need endurance strength to compete in a enduro-cross like Moto Dangal. Best of the riders competing with higher CC bikes build this endurance strength and are able to cross the hurdles repeatedly.  

Moto Dangal is great fun compared to other motorsport racing. If you ride a higher CC and heavy bike, join us in the next season of Moto Dangal enduro-cross track race this November. 

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