Tuesday, August 8, 2017

JBR Dangal Event Day

On Sunday, 6th August, Jaipur city based motorcycling community Jeypore Bike Riders organize ‘JBR Dangal’ to celebrate its 6th birth anniversary. 

Mr. Anukraman Singh Rathore the President of JBR welcomed the Chief Guest, wonder kid Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati Inventor of Six Player version of Chess and the youngest patent holder of India. 

The event saw riders, both men and women participating in a host of motrosporting activities and fun games throughout the day. The first activity of the day was a Time Speed Distance challenge, in which the riders had to follow a roadbook and navigate through the wilderness to reach the finish line. 

The highlight of the event was Offroad Gymkhana for which an offroad track was specifically designed. Approx. 500 mtrs. long, the track was a mix of 3 formats of Motorsports, Gymkhana, Enduro Cross and a bit of Motocross. 

It was not only designed to test the speed but also the rider's control on the motorcycle. The difficulty level was kept to a minimum keeping in mind the varied spectrum of vehicles including scooters and heavier Enfield's. 

Although the track looked simple maneuvering the motorcycle on the slippery wet grass and clay like mud proved to be a task. All the Motorsporting competitions were run under the guidance of professionals from Western Motorsports, a seasoned motorsports club. 

The winners of TSD challenge were a team Anchit Natha and Aditya Purohit. Sugandh Arora managed to secure the first position followed in closely by Yuvraj Soni and Harsh Pabri at 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The Scooter class was won by Akshit Agarwal.

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