Friday, October 9, 2015

Awareness Road Trip

Aryan Malhotra

I want to start by saying that this was not the first road trip I’ve been on but it was definitely the best! I didn’t know anybody but the warmth with which I was treated was amazing. Spreading awareness about there being a cure for cancer and informing the poor people about the symptoms and free treatment made me feel a lot better about myself too. I also felt a great sense of awe as Kewal uncle was with us with his wife Deepshikha Aunty. He was, at 74, our senior most cancer survivor. Thanks to my mom who let me take 2 days off from School to accompany her for the Car rally, an experience beyond my imagination!
A highlight of the trip was when we reached Mayo Girls School. Ashwin uncle spoke there about how 2 months back he had lost his wife to cancer. It was really very touching and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Also, his daughter was so beautifully taken care of by her friends and teachers at her alma mater, the Mayo Girls School.
We spent 10 hours each day in the car but that too was a learning because of the way we spread awareness to the people all along the way. It was a 4 days wonderfully spent with people beautiful at heart and all wanting to give back to the society together. It taught me a lot as to how much difference can each one of us make in the lives of others by just a little effort. I really wish my friends and other kids from school could also have these kind of experiences where they get to see life beyond their comfort zones