Friday, October 9, 2015

Car Rally – our first and an unforgettable experience

Kewal Krishan Sehgal & Deepshikha Sehgal

Car rally the name itself creates excitement  and has adrenaline running and that’s why it’s called the ” Queen of Sports”. So our love for driving , the cause for which it was organized and our love for the state of Rajasthan that attracted me n my husband Kewal Krishan Sehgal to participate in this rally. We were the senior most participants in the rally but young in our spirits n were active in all events of the rally.
Cankids KidsCan is very close to my heart as I started volunteering with them after my husband survived the killer disease cancer.  The 4th women’s car rally go gold Rajasthan Organized  by CanKids in association with Western Motorsports from Jaipur had the perfect setting to take us to beautiful  state of Rajasthan.  We really wanted to make a difference in d lives of as many people as we could by making them aware that childhood cancer is curable. So in all it was a rally with a huge responsibility.
This rally was a hit from the word go with new experience of driving.  We thoroughly enjoyed following the road book  treasure hunt  n TSD . All these kept us excited throughout d drive though we did loose our way in between while calculating the time but that was fun too. The stop over in between to create awareness about cancer gave an opportunity to interact with the villagers n truck drivers on the way. It was a great feeling to touch the lives of so many people n create awareness about cancer.
The rally took us through d beautiful wide roads of Rajasthan that was lush green n the Aravalli hills stood majestically on both sides of the road telling their story through time. As a teacher of geography I could feel these hills come alive with their history. The drive took us to the fort of Kumbalgarh,Ajmer , Ranakpur, Udaipur and Jaipur. We visited the prestigious Mayo College Girls School(Ajmer ),  Jayshree Periwal International School (Jaipur) for the awareness program. We visited the Raisar and Tala villages to touch d lives of dear villagers. It really was a satisfying experience.
The four days of rally were full of action excitement n fun with a cause. The bonding with other participants n d team of western motorsports is for  life. The  professional arrangements by WM team n its members in really praiseworthy.
Thank you CanKids and Western Motorsports for giving us a great and an unforgettable  experience of a lifetime. We surely would love to repeat this experience in future too 🙂
Kewal Krishan Sehgal – An engineer by profession and follower of Nichiren Buddhism . Loves to travel, drive n spend time with grandchildren.
Deepshikha Sehgal – A geography teacher. Now a Cankids volunteer. Love to be close to nature and travel, driving, interior designing and gardening my passion.