Friday, October 9, 2015

An Eye-opening Journey…

Archana Malhotra

The car rally has been a very educative, humbling and an eye-opening experience! An unforgettable journey where u meet and make friends with so many people you have never met, compete with your own friends to literally nail biting finishes of Time Speed Distance rally and Treasure Hunt. We got a taste of real rallying as the motor sporting part was handled by Western Motorsports from Jaipur.
On the other hand, not loosing the real essence of the Trip: Establishing footprint in hospitals of Jaipur (SMS Hospital) and Udaipur (GBH American Hospital) so that no child suffering from cancer is returned because of lack of money. Collaborating with Oncologists and other Social groups who can help make a difference! Setting up poster making competitions in support of effects of Cancer and interacting with principals and students of major schools of Ajmer (Mayo College Girls School) and Jaipur (Jaishree Periwal International School) as Kids are the Future and we need to make our children more giving and compassionate. Visiting Raisar and Tala one realises the ignorance and plight of the villagers and the impact each one of us can make which is difficult to envisage in the comfort of ones home.
Educating one and all about symptoms of Childhood Cancer, that it’s curable and our organisation has a support system whereby one can get immediate help. This was the message we conveyed through our trip of 1600 kms over 3 nights and 4 days. Each one of us did strive to touch as many people as possible the goal was the same: educate people. This was the highlight of our most unforgettable journey.

Archana Malhotra
I am a Textile Technologist by profession and successful entrepreneur. Have quit my work and now voluntarily working for CanKids. Participated in the rally driving Toyota Innova, with my 13 year old school going son.