Monday, January 22, 2018

Exploring For The Future - Camping

Exploring For The Future

Camping With Yashwant

Most of us try to take a break and go on weekend rides or do a ride cum overnight camp. This duo, Anukraman and Yashwant did that in middle of a working week. Some of the office going riders were left tending to their envy and eagerly waiting to see the ride pictures. 

Anukraman and Yashwant kicked of two nights and three days ride cum overnight camping on early hours of 17th January. They travelled covering the areas between Jaipur, Sambhar Lake, Pushkar and Merta. Which included camping on open grounds and making their own meal. Living true the spirit of motorcycle riders. 

Yashwant, works at Delhi and is a resident of Jaipur. He is has been riding with Western Motorsports and Jeypore Bike Riders over many years. He is also well known for his dance moves during our get togethers. 

On the second night of the ride, they were joined by Harsh and Chitrarath. Both these riders are budding aspirants of Motocross. They have won few podium places in local events at Jaipur. 

Western Motorsports and its subsidiary group Jeypore Bike Riders,  support and give technical assistance to young aspirants in competitive motorsport. 

Ride cum camping

With Yashwant

The man, the machine and the whole world to explore

A new whole experience - riding in dark where there is no road.

At sunset

Lets not lose our traction on this sandy path

Riding out in the morning - following the sun

Camping on open grounds

In company of the ship of desert - Camel

No civilisation nearby - just us and the thump of our motorcycles

Let me say hello to fellow wanderer.

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