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Supercharged Rasta Baba - Himalayan Backlands

himalayan backlands
Himalayan Backlands - Rasta Baba Are You Game For It?

Himalayan Backlands

Supercharged Rasta Baba

By W & W Bros

Uttarakhand is one of the youngest States of India. It is a region with great diversity filled with lakes, flowing rivers, enchanting valleys, green hills and snow covered mountain peaks. It would seem like the almighty had taken time to create this place. That might be one of the reasons why Uttarakhand is known as the Abode of the Gods. 

People of Uttarakhand are as cool as crisp mountain breeze. Generally known as the “pahadis”. To them life matters. They celebrate everything. They are fabled simpletons when it comes to the rat race seen in the urban landscape. Their lifestyle may be of fabled simpleton, but they do value trust and it is always high among them. 

Petered with natural lakes and landscapes, Uttarakhand is an ideal place for adventure sports activities, like trekking & water sports to name few. 

Himalayan Backland organised by Wildrift Adventures and Western Motorsports adds to the list of adventure sports. 

Himalayan Backlands is an adventure that will take you on across Kumaoni region of Uttarakhand. Himalayan Backlands has several activities combined with a car rally. Each day your destination is part of the challenge. Your first challenge of the day starts as your team exit the parking lot on a day filled with adventure, challenges and motorsports combined into the ultimate fun filled adventure rally. 

Himalayan Backland is meant for young and old to embark on a journey of discovery through the world of motorsport. You combine the experience of enveloping yourself in the lap of nature that Uttarakhand has and also the world of motorsports. Every participant of Himalayan Backland would feel like a rally driver - whether you are young or old, family members, buddies or two hearts in love who want experience something different and thus strengthening the bond between them on Valentines weekend. 

Himalayan Backland, a five day car rally event (from Feb 14-18, 2018) that happens on Valentines weekend. This car rally event has been conceptualised such that, you return to home carrying not only memories but also prizes on winning the competition. 

You experience four days of mind-blowing ‘rasta baba’ competition, earning points for conquering challenges. Four days of exploring the ‘Abode of Gods” that will challenge your driving skills, leaving just one team standing as victor each day. Five nights of laid back networking with fellow competitors and car enthusiasts, reliving your storied moments of the day’s challenges. Join Himalayan Backlands rejuvenate yourself along with similes and laughs from spending less than a week with friends in the lap of Kumaoni region. 

Himalayan Backland doesn’t require you to be an expert driver (Rasta baba). It requires that you have basic experience in driving on hill roads. However, what is required is a good (dhaansu) navigator (co-baba) One who could read the road book, interpret and direct the rasta baba appropriately. (it helps in improving communication and bonding among the couples, family & buddies) 

Himalayan Backlands car rally is based on the TSD format i.e. time, speed and distance. You are given a route map that you need to follow while looking for the signs and collect clues/food from the right locations, while keeping your time right according to a preset average speed given to you. 

The preset speed would be a moderate one. At the preset average speed there is always an ideal time for you to sign in at the secret check points. In fact you will lose more points for arriving earlier that for arriving late. Your co-baba (navigator) plays an important role to keep the rasta baba (driver) in check and not get penalised. 

The trick is to read maps well, drive at the calculated correct “rasta baba speed” at all times. Phew. Does that sound challenging? 

As you go on doing and collecting things on the way according to the map you will keep adding to your score. Additionally there are other fun and adventure activities at every place you stay which will be added to your score. 

The top winners will be the team that cumulatively scores the highest in the rally and the adventures. Followed by the team that scores the highest in the rally score standalone. 

Are you game for it? 

The starting line - Camp Syat (the wild side of Jim Corbett), Uttarakhand. 

The finish line - Camp Purple, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand.

What you need - A partner and a car (any roadworthy car will do) 

How to compete - Read the road map, solve clues to determine destination, compete in challenges 

Do I need a fast car? - Nope, this won’t give advantage, but you will look good 

Who does this? - Normal people who have time and energy to have fun 

What should I bring? - A internet enabled smart phone or device, with GPS. Camera to record the    your adventure of a lifetime.

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