Friday, January 12, 2018

Western Motorsports Up Coming Car Rally Event - Himalayan Backlands

Himalayan Backlands

TSD Format Car Rally In Uttarakhand 

Himalayan Backlands Details

Longing for the road Rasta baba.
Cutting through crisp mountain air. The cold breeze blowing my mind.
The winding road whizzing ahead. Ever ready for an adventure.
Here comes the Adventure Car Rally “Himalayan Backlands”
Be the Rasta Baba in 5 day adventure car rally in Kumaon Himalayas, UK, INDIA
5 day car rally – bring your own car and a co-baba or two
Rasta* in Kumaon Himalayas, UK, IND
Exciting camp/hut/machaan stays at Wildrift shelters
Fun adventures to add to your scores
(trek rally, kayak, treasure hunt along the way & more)
Joint(ly) organized by Wildrift Adventures and Western Motorsports
*Rasta means route or road in vernacular language.

You can actually bring your Red Maruti 800
Not any potholes only a bit dirt road
You don’t need to be the speed queen but be the dhaansu navigator
Land up at the secret checkpoints at the right time
The trick is to not be fast, not be slow but the moderate rasta baba speed
Rasta Baba qualification needs basic mountain driving skills and a co baba who can read road maps
Non driving action safety is providing by W&W bros. While driving safety is in your hands
Encouraging first time rally drivers .. no prior experience needed
No need to pep up your vehicle
TSD (Time Speed Distance)
Early registrations (5th – 15th Jan) – Rs.32,000/-
Standard registrations (16th Jan – 5th Feb) – Rs.36,000/-
Late registrations (6th – 10th Feb) – Rs.40,000/-
The costs given above are for a team of 2 people (Driver + Navigator)
* For extra passengers, Rs.15,000/- per passenger

Contact Details:
Wild Drift Adventures - 09810808448, 011-29531036
Western Motorsports - +91 98280 12786

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