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Tour de Thar 2017 - My Blue PJ's On Expedition

Tour de Thar 2017

My Blue PJ's On Expedition

By Prachy Singh

When I walk, I move around a secure sphere. No don't look at me, dont speak to me. Im invisible! That much introvert I think I am. But that's funny how different this trip came out for me.  I like to explore new things. Travelling I love because a part of me doesn't like to settle. But wander endlessly. Every part inside me is just as extrovert as I am reserved from the exterior point of view.

Tour de Thar 2017 - At sunrise

If I talk about Western Motorsports, the first time I heard about it was 3 years back from my mother who has been associated with WM for long.  In 2017, I participated in WM event titled  "Moto Dangal" as part of their crew, where I was managing the Instagram page. I have never been out of Delhi without my homies. This was my first. Though my uncle was with me and his eye balls followed me most of the times, "Prachy why is that weirdo, buzzing around you all the time?" Lol But I felt free and on my own. This was the best part. I could represent my individuality on my own. Like a boat without a sailor. I was sailing slowly, feeling every inch of the wind.

With fellow riders of Tour de Thar

Tour-de-Thar is much more than just an event, where you travel and discover places which are hidden from one's perspective. I met different, enthusiastic, interesting, funny, good people. I met people! And I like how gradually I jelled in the group. Jelled in so well, I didn't care showcasing my blue bunny pyjamas (PJ's); cause obviously those are funny Haha!

I haven't yet experienced snow. Don’t know how it would be to walk on snow either, I am sure, not better than walking on sand dunes. Though I only changed my socks thrice in 5 days (Gross?), but believe that could have changed it in every 10 minutes. We stayed two nights at Sam sand dunes and was dying for Gum boots! But sometimes you have to let certain things in your life, only to realise that it's not too bad. So I let the sand enter voluntarily in my shoes as I ran, swirled and rolled over it. I felt lighter. The world around me felt lighter, when my feet melted with every step that I was taking.

Sand everywhere at Tour de Thar

We travelled almost 200-300 kms every day, which it is still surprising for me, as I haven't travelled for so long. Also it was my first long bike ride, I rode as a pillion, from Delhi to Jaipur.

 "Let’s call it a day!" We used to sit together and chill every night. Like literally chill. Brrr! One of the highlights would be the folk performances. That kinda music is so earthy and pure. I simply admired every song, sitting still at one place with my hand under the chin. But I believe 'bonfire and gupshup' every night was the best of all.

Bonfire and gupshup at Tour de Thar

What I also loved was the ending of everyday. When I sat on the salty river bed and only a little amount of sunshine was resting on my face. That little amount of fading sun light was enough to warm my soul. I felt peace. I could feel a slight smile from the sides of my lips and every day used to end with a peaceful view. I loved the view at Sambhar salt lake and every other place we stopped by to savour the heavenly vibe of sunsets. As it's said, "sunsets are proof that even endings are beautiful".

Sunset at Sambhar Lake - Tour de Thar

The ride was great with amazing people. I talked more during the travel. Convoying felt dope! And I look forward to the next Tour-de-thar. Probably as a bike rider. Haha!

Prachy Singh

Prachy Singh, a new entrant into the world of motor expedition, who aspires to be the world traveller.
In her own words "Travelling is what I really like" "Though I haven't been to many places but I would love to"

She apart from interest in travel and motor expeditions, also pens poetry and is pursuing her graduation. 

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