Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tour de Thar 2017- Emotional Urban-achar !

Tour de Thar 2017

Emotional Urban-achar !

By Shalini Singh

Every year I eagerly wait for the Christmas break. It’s Tour de Thar (TDT) time of the year! 

This is my reason to escape from the usual, boring and predictable routine idiosyncrasies of our societal prison. Driving day after day endlessly through those long-isolated snake-like stretches straight into the horizon may sound meaningless to the urban dwellers. Like a withered leaf, I drift in the metal convoy night after night. Sleeping under the dark deep blanket of sky with stars glittering above my head, the persuasive night breeze gently putting my racing restless mind and soul to deep sleep. Leaving behind a bit of the unwanted in me, taking back a bit of something with me. Like the shiny golden sand of the deserts, my eyes glinting with completeness. 

Un-plagued by the digital slavery, I put faces and emotions to names on the Whats app list. I go as an individual, unaware but open to meet another lost soul. We come back as friends (real, not FB). With many million gigabytes of new memories which don’t need any fancy gadget to store and high-speed internet to download. I fill my bank, not with money, but with memories that keep me afloat when the tides hit me low. 

With each mile I explore, I feel closer to my true inner self. Yes, it’s nirvana for me. The transcendent state of mind that this urban bread earning earthling longs for. Where there are no boundaries, no purpose, just aimless wandering where the earth meets the horizon, getting busy with my nothingness. 

I’ve missed TDT 2017. The worldly demons got me this time. Come soon TDT 2018 as my bank balance is diminishing. 

Shalini Singh has been associated with Western Motorsports over a decade. An experienced, well respected driver,  and has been part of almost all events of Western Motorsports. 

Driving though being her number one passion, she is equally passionate in wildlife photography, especially birds.

She currently works in a leading publishing house at top-management level at Delhi, India.

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